GDPR Impact Varied

Kristina Knight from BizReport speaks to aqfer Founder Daniel Jaye on the impact of GDPR after the first 5 months.

It’s been five months since the European GDPR rules went into effect, changing how businesses collect, store, and use consumer data. Though it is specific to European brands, many businesses throughout the world have implemented GDPR-friendly practices in anticipation of a broader application. One expert identifies how GDPR has performed in the first five months.

Kristina: What has the initial impact of GDPR been on the market?

Daniel Jaye: : The real impact has been felt in two ways: Direct impact on ad revenue/spend based on data availability

This impact has been varied: some large media companies have taken a conservative approach and as a result have seen third-party demand for EU inventory drop by 25-50 percent.  However, a surprising majority of smaller EU publishers and web sites appear to be ignoring the new regulations – the question will be how long before that changes when enforcement truly begins.

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