A Short Side View Of Customer 360

A spate of new releases from big companies doesn’t meet all (or any) of the needs for this critical area.

For those of us who have been in the trenches of data collation and analytics for all this time, the current buzz over new attempts at Customer 360 is truly gratifying… and odd. Can something that’s been a vital goal for so long suddenly be a fad?

It sure sounds like it. Here’s just a topline recap of recent events: In late September, a trio of major corporations (think Adobe, Microsoft and SAP) came together to launch the Open Data Initiative (ODI), which targets nothing less than “reimagining customer experience management (CXM) by empowering companies to derive more value from their data and deliver world-class customer experiences in real-time.” Just a day later, we got Salesforce Customer 360, billed as a “new way for compan

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