Aqfer, Inc., the leading SaaS provider of Marketing Data Lakes, today announced that Daniel Jaye will be joining the company full-time in the role of Chief Executive Officer.  Marc Sabatini, the current CEO, will assume the position of Chief Revenue Officer.  Jaye and Sabatini will both continue holding seats on Aqfer’s Board of Directors.

Daniel Jaye

Daniel Jaye

CEO, Aqfer

“From the beginning, Dan has been critical to developing aqfer’s product vision,” said Raymie Stata, Executive Chair of aqfer.  “He brings incredible experience as an executive and entrepreneur, and we are thrilled that he is now available join us as CEO.”

Jaye was involved in early efforts in data warehousing and digital marketing at Fidelity Investments and Epsilon.  He went on to found or lead three ad tech companies: Engage (as founder and CTO, IPO 1999), TACODA (as President, sold to AOL in 2007, where Jaye subsequently led the behavioral and contextual targeting business units) and Korrelate (as founder and CEO, sold to JD Power in 2014).

 “Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of watching Marc set our go-to-market strategy as well as manage all operations for aqfer,” says Jaye.  “He came to us with a sterling track record in business development at industry leaders such as Epsilon and InfoUSA.  I’m looking forward to working with him even more closely going forward as he focuses on his true passion: growing the business as our CRO.”

“Aqfer has cemented its position on the leading edge of marketing technology: The company disrupts and complements the existing CDP landscape with a data-centric marketing architecture and a host of new capabilities that enable brands and channel providers alike to pursue more business opportunities than ever before,” explained Sabatini.  “Aqfer is now on a growth trajectory that requires us to expand our C-Suite to help us take on the new business coming through our channel partner network.  It’s a nice problem to have, and we’ve found the right solutions.”