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Aqfer’s Daniel Jaye Talks ‘Cookiepocalypse’ on the All Things Intelligent Podcast

Aqfer co-founder and CEO Daniel Jaye was a guest on the Mastech InfoTrellis podcast All Things Intelligent to discuss a variety of topics encompassing the impending ‘Cookiepocalypse’ — the complete phasing out of third-party Web cookies by major Web providers (Apple, Google, and Mozilla) set to happen in the coming months.

A few of the topics covered in the episode included:

  • Defining what exactly the ‘Cookiepocalypse’ is and why it’s nothing to scoff at
  • What marketing and advertising professionals should be doing now to prepare for its arrival
  • Why accurate and actionable first-party data will be critical to surviving in a post-Cookiepocalyptic world

Listen to the episode now to learn about these topics and more, and be sure to stay connected with Mastech InfoTrellis for future episodes and other insightful content.

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Aqfer-Nth Party Partnership Solution Brief

Aqfer and Nth Party are coming together in 2021 to present an alliance to the industry that is designed to unlock a new marketing graph of consumer data
through secure data analysis, while mitigating compliance risks balancing
speed at a fraction of the cost of third party data management.

The aqfer and Nth Party technology partnership offers a data and
technology agnostic SaaS solution that streamlines multiple data
sources and employs sophisticated and advanced, record-level analytics
to address the real time challenges faced by marketers with respect to
big data.

Stay tuned for the details of our upcoming joint webinar in early January where we will be “Demystifying Multi-Touch Attribution”. Save the date for January 7th, 12:00 PM EST.

Aqfer-Molecula Partnership Webinar & Solution Brief

Brands, publishers, and technology providers alike struggle with realizing the value trapped in vast volumes of audience data being created every day. Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) may provide customer insights, but they are limited, have become yet another data silo, and are not easy to integrate with other solutions. Data Lakes can capture structured and unstructured interaction data economically, but they don’t provide audience-centric analysis and aren’t built to easily extract segments dynamically in applications. Now more than ever, marketers need a cost-effective, tailored system to collect behavioral data, combine it across multiple sources, locations, and time-series, and be able to run real-time, ad hoc queries on that data to maximize marketing, personalization, and advertising success.

Molecula and Aqfer’s joint solution allows joint customers to unlock their large-scale collections of consumer behavior data to power better targeting and personalized experiences. It further gives them the ability to access instant marketing insights to understand registered and anonymous audiences with complete context. The comprehensive solution uses next generation technologies, is cost effective, and most importantly, eliminates the need to rely on closed third-party platforms.

The combination of Aqfer’s real-time, consumer-facing APIs with Molecula’s decision-support real-time APIs and interactions provides a comprehensive, end-to-end analytics solution.

Watch our webinar, “Faster, More Scalable, & Cost-Effective Ad Delivery and Analysis for Digital Marketers”, above.

Privacy Governance

The Aqfer team pioneered digital privacy standards and technologies from the outset of the Internet.  As a result, Aqfer made privacy governance an intrinsic part of the DNA of our Marketing Data Platform solution.  Strategic and tactical data use and governance are inseparable, thus Aqfer’s SaaS products are built around a proactive transactional privacy framework as opposed to the typical, more reactive administrative privacy governance. Essentially, we’re managing, governing, auditing as part of the “data plane” versus the “control plane”.  

Read on to learn how aqfer’s Suite of SaaS products incorporates privacy governance every step of the way.

The Nuance of First Party Cookies

Aqfer Universal Tag (aUT) clients frequently come to us after learning firsthand about the complexity of building and maintaining their own tag deployment and management solutions. While everyone anticipates paying for initial
development and cloud or other third party hosting and bandwidth, few consider the maintenance cost and effort needed to keep the platform functioning once it is live:

• Load balancing and gateways
• Beacon and tag serving
• Logging and log data processing
• Monitoring
• Reporting

The dizzying pace at which technology and regulatory requirements evolve drives still more, frequently complex, engineering effort. Regional consent strings, browser cookie acceptance policies, referrer data redaction: it all adds up.

Read on to learn how aqfer’s proprietary Universal Tag drives solutions at scale.

ACR & Beyond

TV viewership has soared as Americans continue to social distance, working remotely and keeping their families at home. Where TVs once sat off throughout the day, they’re now constantly turned on, tuned to cable news or their streaming platform of choice.

Marketers, their agencies and the data providers that serve them are working hard to adjust to this dramatic change in viewership and have a great need for reliable and timely data and insights.

Read on to understand how aqfer is empowering marketers to leverage ACR data cost effectively, at speed.

Marketing Data Platforms: SI-Ready and Future Proof

Data. The volumes can be daunting, the complexity is a nightmare, the threat of a breach is ever-present and ensuring compliance is always a challenge, but no one questions its value. So why are MSPs and SIs letting the opportunity to solve mission critical, CMO led marketing data projects, pass them by?

In a word, we think it’s technology that’s been the problem, until now. 

Download our latest white paper: “Marketing Data Platforms: SI-Ready and Future Proof” to learn why doing data right has proven to be as challenging as it can be lucrative for brands, publishers, and technology providers alike, and why the Marketing Data Platform, a cross between the CDP and the traditional data lake is about to change all that.