We do the hard stuff

aqfer (pronounced “Aquifer”) delivers the next generation solution for first-party enterprise marketing data lakes. Like an aquifer, we function as an enormously scaleable, semi-permeable container, allowing your marketing data to be collected, refined, and distributed to generate useful insights and drive effective marketing programs..

Our Marketing Data Platform provides brands, publishers, marketing services providers, and system integrators with a configurable, scaleable, and cost-effective data-centric marketing architecture to transform their fragmented, best-of-breed apps into an integrated, effective marketing solution.



Manage and Use your Data

aqfer Data Lake (aDL) is a turnkey, white-glove data lake that provides scaleable, highly available, and elastic resources for storing, accessing, and managing your data on your terms.

Leveraging a world-class Big Data as a Service platform, we provide Hadoop and Spark-based services with white glove support.

Unified Identity Management

aqfer Graph Manager (aGM) connects identities & devices creating a complete 360 consumer view. Extend the utility of existing 3rd party graphs like TapAd, Drawbridge, and Screen6 by connecting those graphs to other relationships: households, zip codes, user agents, network addresses, and more.

1st Party Tag Management and Web Beacons

aqfer Universal Tag (aUT) is a sixth generation enterprise tag management service designed to gather data, manage identity, and integrate with ecosystem partners under your domain and your terms.  Aqfer manages tens of billions of tags per day across millions of web sites world wide with our Akamai-based edge computing architecture and international privacy compliance features.


aQFER IO (aIO), our highly scalable real-time marketing API, provides companies with the ability to set and access user identities in under 10 milliseconds. Find out what you already know about your customer with time to spare to do something about it! 

Ready to Take Back Your Data?


aqfer: the Marketing Data Platform (MDP)

Empower your business with the enterprise-level data-centric marketing architecture