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The New Customer 360: Build a unified view of your consumers

aqfer Graph Manager helps manage complex identity relationships to offer a comprehensive view of a dense customer ecosystem.

Key Component

aqfer Graph Manager provides a robust storage mechanism for identifying relationships between households, people, accounts, contact mechanisms, devices, and user agents, along with network addresses, geo-locations, and organizations.

360 Unified Identity Management

aqfer Graph Manager merges data across multiple channels to create a unified and actionable view of customers across all touchpoints.

Data Sources

aqfer Graph Manager helps merge data from disparate sources at any scale to create a cross-platform and cross-device customer view.


Robust APIs support bulk import/export of data stored in aqfer Graph

Real-Time Data

Access aqfer Graph Manager identity data in real time with the aqfer.IO RESTful API to deliver premium customer experiences at scale.

How it works

aqfer Graph Manager extends the reach and return on your investment in Device Graphs and User Identification.

Whether your device graph methodology is Deterministic or Probablistic Device Graphs rely on matching key identifiers within detailed log level data and associating them with identities. Whenever these key identifiers appear in your device graph data set, your device Graph recognizes them as tied to a particular identity.

Extend the range of any device graph’s logic across multiple data sets. 

aGM recognizes sets of identifiers in both inbound, and onboarded data sets and then applies the identity associated with them to records where they are present.

Extend the range of your business analytics User identification practice across multiple data sets.

The process can also work to extend the reach of User identities established by your own business analysis. Proliferate your own Identifiers within 3rd party device Graphs and data sets to increase the value of your privately maintained 1st party data insights.

aqfer Graph Manager realizes Integration of deterministic evidence and 3rd party device graphs

ID sync and onboarding events generate deterministic edges 

Aqfer Graph Manager helps maintain relationships between households, people, accounts, contact mechanisms, devices, user agents network addresses, geographic locations, and organizations

Identity Management: The Probabilistic Pipeline

aqfer Graph Manager generates probabilistic edges and inferred entities to connect with deterministic data in the marketing data lake

  • Integrates 3rd Party graphs—e.g. TapAd, Drawbridge, Screen6
  • Inference is open source and extensible
  • Flexible identity unification

Identity Management: Key Advantages

Active Digital Identity generation, synchronization, collection

  • Highest standard of Privacy Compliance, PII deidentification and integration.
  • 3rd party and first party onboarding
  • Graph Integration of deterministic evidence and 3rd party device graphs
  • Open source and extensible

Protocols: API protocols are part of aqfer.IO graph API for discrete graph access.  For bulk graph access  our clients typically use SPARK graph frames

Data Models:  Starting point schema provided can be customized to your needs.



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