Marketing Services Providers

Enterprise Marketing Data Environment for Marketing Services Providers


Media and CRM agencies – Companies who manage and optimize digital media ad campaigns using 1st and 3rd party data.


Slow ineffective optimization cycles cause by data incompatibility and large bulky log files.


Aqfer has a Data Environment for agencies allowing them to gain a 1st party data position and aggregate all media and ad serving and DMP data into a single unified lake that can be analyzed and optimized.


For a better value and agile approach, than the cost of a DMP or CDP, agencies can use Aqfer Tag Manager for data identity / tagging, and Aqfer Data Lake for retrieval, collation, machine learning, and distribution.

Take control of your data for managed campaign services
Eliminate middle men (extra hops) and ‘tolls’
Create/own your own user/entity identity key

Ready to Take Back Your Data?


aqfer: the Marketing Data Platform (MDP)

Empower your business with the enterprise-level data-centric marketing architecture