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Companies who provide insights, attribution analysis, market research and panel or sample based performance reporting 


Fraud, waste, and commoditization of messages and offerings require marketers and their vendors to obtain actionable insights, transparency, and verification against third party metrics.


Aqfer has a Data Environment solution for Advertising Analytics that eliminates 90% of the effort in data acquisition and wrangling that data into a solution for audience-centric analysis.


First party tag and identity management, active data collection, and an agile big advertising data platform allows capture, refinement, collation and exploration of your advertising and performance data.

The majority of Vendors claiming to be CDPs are only Data transport and Storage providers.

Data storage and processing present complex technical challenges. Many vendors address the difficulty associated with maintaining and mobilizing large amounts of data believing this is sufficient to identify themselves as a CDP. aqfer takes a different approach. At aqfer providing infrastructure that can work with data at scale isn’t the finish line, it’s a starting point.

Software Integration Ready

Other CDPs use simple automation to collect data available from vendor reporting systems and either store it or move it from one partner to another.

aqfer Marketing Data Lakes are configured with the enterprise level capacity necessary to host the same high volume data sets Ad Tech Vendors use to actually build the reports they make accessible to other CDPs through Reporting Interfaces and APIs.

In order to manage true enterprise-level data handling infrastructure aqfer makes its marketing data lakes accessible for software integrators to manage procedures operating within the marketing data lake directly.

Standard CDP systems are closed allowing customers no control over the inner workings land rules applied to data handling.

By contrast aqfer marketing data lakes, within its marketing data platform, allow:

  • Client YAML and Scala/Jython modules to be templatized.
  • API – Client-customizable YAML files can map api fields to client-standard schemas.
  • Data manipulation during data loading can be accomplished using YAML-driven configuration of source and end client target.  Software Integrators can also manipulate with custom Scala or Jython code.
  • ETL – YAML configurable schema mapping is available with ability to further customize as necessary using Scala or Jython handlers.

The aqfer alternative is open and pluggable at every layer—as every CDP should be.

Aqfer maintains all data in its source form

Provide functionality for partners to build their own applications, services, and APIs

Unite PII & non-PII in a privacy-compliant manner

The aqfer Advantage

  • Packaged SaaS CDP Toolkit
  • Flexible data model
  • Scalable & repeatable
  • GDPR compliant
  • Multi-source entity graph integration
  • Real-time data access
  • 1st party Tag Manager
  • PII De-identification and integration



Empower your business with the enterprise-level data-centric marketing architecture

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