Customer Data Platform

An Open and Pluggable Approach to CDP


Enterprise brand and retail companies who want to combine People Centric Marketing and Real Time Data with machine learning and optimization.


Currently, brands are only able to identify a small subset of their web traffic even when it is their customers. Once identified, they can only tell how that small subset is interacting with their various media and transaction channels.  This results in tremendous media spend waste and breakage between advertising and marketing efforts.


Aqfer has a Data Environment for brands allowing them to aggregate and unify any / all advertising data around a 1st party identity graph, giving them a unilateral view and indexing capability around their audiences and their spend.

This unified view of data across touch points coupled with Aqfer I/O’s real time data transaction capability enables “Enterprise Real Time Decisioning”. Brands will machine learn (index and score) to link what audiences are engaged what media touch-points yielding what revenue making “margin by customer”, a long held goal, a reality.


For a fraction of the cost of a CDP and hassle of an in house solution combined with various 3rd party (cross channel/screen mapping, MMM & attribution) enterprise brands can use Aqfer Tag Manager for data identity / tagging and graph ingestion along with and Aqfer Marketing Data Lake (part of the Marketing Data Platform) for retrieval, collation, machine learning, and Aqfer I/O for data exchange.

Using the Aqfer platform brands can achieve long sought after goals of day-parting, frequency capping and optimizing targeting of core audience across media.

CDP Toolkit

The obstacles and complexities associated with creating and maintaining a data-driven source of analytical truth across vast amounts of data has become exponentially more difficult.

Understanding and organizing all signals from all touchpoints remains a challenge for most organizations.

Many CDP’s claim to solve for this however, they are often lacking many of the key components of a true Data Centric Marketing Architecture.

Common Architecture

Bring Your Data To The Apps

aqfer believes a CDP should be open and pluggable at every layer

Provide functionality for partners to build their own applications, services, and API’s

Maintain data in source form

Support a ‘Bring Your Apps’ to the data philosophy

Join PII & Non-PII in a privacy compliant manner

aqfer Architecture

Bring Your Apps To The Data

The aqfer Solution

  • Packaged SaaS CDP Toolkit
  • Flexible Data Model
  • Scalable & Repeatable 
  • GDPR Compliant 
  • Multi-Source Entity Graph Integration 
  • Real-time Data Access
  • First party Tag Manager 
  • PII De-identification and Integration 



Empower your business with the enterprise-level data-centric marketing architecture

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