Dynamic Content Optimization

Bringing Data and Creative Together


Brands and media companies that are interested in creating dynamic, contextual, and personalized advertising to drive engagement and conversion.


Commoditization of messages and offerings require marketers and their vendors to continually push the envelope on the relevance of their media in order to keep it fresh and engaging for their desired customers. Dynamic Content Optimization platforms are built for this but are only as good and as fast as the data they are powered with.


aqfer Data Lake and aqfer IO deliver decisions, not data to Dynamic Creative Optimization platforms in less than 10ms, empowering DCOs with the information and precious time) they need to deliver customized, relevant and engaging messages in real-time.


Active data collection, API access, and an agile big advertising data platform allows you to capitalize on your DCO investment by supercharging it with up to the second insights.

Realize the full potential of 1:1 messaging

1:1 messaging means having a unique message for a unique user. Typical DCO solutions focus on repeating back something to a user, something about an action they’ve already taken. They render display creative with an image of items left abandoned in a shopping cart or previously viewed in a catalog.

Say Something Interesting

  • You can’t maintain a dialog with clients and prospects if you don’t have something interesting to say.
  • Managing all your data effectively with the tools aqfer provides makes it possible to see what you know about a prospect before delivering an ad.
  • Dynamically generate creative in response to the widest range of rules.
  • Design messages in response to where users stand within your consideration funnel.
  • Make the most informed choices about what messaging a prospect would be interested in.

1:1 Messaging. Your Data. Your Relationship

How aqfer improves Dynamic Creative Optimization

Option 1 – Pass Query response in HTTP

Option 1: Pass Query Response in HTTP

Option 2  – Query via API

Option 3 – Deeper Queries. Faster Response.

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