Privacy Compliance

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Companies that collect data of any kind on customers, whether anonymous or named, are subject to domestic and international privacy regulations.


The European Union (EU) and the State of California have passed laws that require companies to manage their customer data in particular ways, to allow customers to see and delete their data on request, and more.


aqfer’s Marketing Data Platform was compliant with GDPR three months ahead of that standard going into effect, and is “CCPA Ready” pending finalization of those regulations. Our platform provides brands with the confidence that they will be able to execute marketing initiatives with confidence that they are not in violation of any privacy laws, both now, and in the future.


First party tag and identity management, active data collection, and an agile big advertising data platform allows capture, refinement, collation and exploration of your advertising and performance data.

The Problem

Today, agencies and brands work with a range of service providers for advertising and marketing. Many of these providers are setting, gathering or deriving data in highly fragmented markets (ad tech) where data is mixed and matched and handed off from vendor to vendor without oversight.  Lack of standardization or control over practices in the data handling market increases the risk of association with data which is out of compliance.

The aqfer Difference

  • Compliance Data Platform assures all the data entering and leaving an organization is compliant.  Centralized control of onboarding, transfer and maintenance provides easy configuration for monitoring according to current (GDPR) and pending (CCPA) data privacy frameworks.
  • Scalable, repeatable procedures for adjusting data handling make updates to compliance a matter of “dialing in” settings as necessary to match regulations.
  • Future proof

aqfer’s Approach to Privacy Compliance

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