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In this sprawling data environment, digital identity and data collection can seem out of control.

With all the digital devices, applications, channels and marketing campaigns—pop-ups boxes, banner ads, rich media displays, how-to videos, social media metatags, SEO and more—there should be direct connections every company and every client. But that’s not how it works. All the 3rd parties involved in collation, aggregation and syndication capture all this data, store it in disparate silos, and eventually abandon it. The companies that paid for the data get only fragments.

aqfer Universal Tag helps you take back the data

aqfer Universal Tag brings the back home to your own scalable marketing data lake. aqfer data ingestion, management and analytics tools extract real business value by integrating all data with other enterprise and cross-channel data assets.

aUT Key Features:

  • Enables ID synchronization
  • Enhances Data Governance/Privacy: Permit Opt-out and IAB EU data transparency
  • Where did it come from, where is it stored, how is it used
  • Ensures consent in accordance with GDPR (similar to enabling consumer preferences in earlier technologies—but more important now) 
  • Support cookie generation and recognition for data syndicationEvent data collection processed and emitted to aMDP or other endpoint
  • 6th generation web beacon architecture is entirely edge-deployed

aUT Key Benefits:

  • Keep all data under control: Partners only access it on your terms, and in accordance with regulations
  • Deterministic: Support device linkages and ingest data from online and offline sources
  • Statistical: Leverage multiple techniques to determine user identity with high accuracy (when deterministic data is unavailable)
  • Parsed and validated data delivered on a batch or streaming basis
  • Akamai’s gold standard CDN provides best latency and scalability

Now supporting fast and efficient Parquet format data delivery to S3 for easy and cost-effective analytics using Amazon Athena and Quicksight.

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Empower your business with First Party, White Label/OEM digital media tracking

aqfer Tag Manager provides ownership of a digital media tracker that functions as a direct extension your business model.

  • Universal tag that can be used in any environment
  • Aqfer Universal Tags are associated directly with your business domain. Data is gathered and maintained in accordance with privacy compliance requirements. All privacy compliant data returned by aqfer Tag Manger is directly controlled and owned by your business.

aqfer Universal Tag returns detailed data to your business, the same type of detailed data Ad Tech Vendors use to build the reports they currently make accessible to customers through reporting Interfaces and APIs.

Identity Management

  • Deterministic: Supports deterministic device linkages, capable of ingesting data from both online and offline sources
  • Statistical: Leverages several techniques to determine user identity with a high degree of accuracy when deterministic data is unavailable

Increased Client-to-Server Security

Measurement under the direct control of your business eliminates the possibility of competing attribution claims by a third-party business model. 

Since no data leveraged in the first party space can be accessed by third parties without your business’ consent, information can be shared natively and securely between a first party media tracker and a Brand’s CRM.

aqfer Universal Tag in tandem with aqfer Marketing Data Platform

The aqfer Marketing Data Platform is designed to onboard and process holistic, enterprise level, raw log data sets from providers at scale.  aqfer lets customers further augment this capability by utilizing first party tag manager tracking tags in parallel with all paid media. 

Injecting large volumes of first party data into your marketing data analytics practice dilutes the effects of third party measurement bias, a form of data contamination.

Other CDPs collect data from third party vendors and deposit it into a common environment where marketers can access it. As with mixing vinegar and oil, simply collecting equal parts of data in a single location doesn’t mean the data sets will necessarily break down or mix to produce insights.

aqfer’s solution is to maintain third party data in an environment where it is constantly saturated with a flow of first party data to compare against across every channel.

Instead of comparing data sets and trying to identify the value they bring independently, this approach grants marketers access to a supply of clean data which has not been pre-configured to serve the business interests of a different company.

aqfer Universal Tag provides businesses with a direct source for Detailed log level data. Detailed log level data lets businesses perform high level analysis independent from data processing rules applied by a third-party vendor. 

The Detailed Data Difference: 

  • Frequency: Accurate analysis of Frequency and Unique Users is made possible by the detailed data returned by aqfer Tag Manager.
  • Audience: Audience analysis, device matching to household or office, is made possible by the detailed data returned by aqfer Tag Manager.
  • Attribution: Attribution reporting is made possible by the detailed data returned by aqfer Tag Manager.
  • Verification: Allows verification through comparison to deliver deeper insights



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