Make Marketing Data

Solve Problems,

Not Create Them

Aqfer’s Marketing Data Platform-as-a-Service Outmatches
the Biggest Obstacles in Modern Marketing

Complex and
Growing Data

Aqfer removes the barriers in processing and deriving value from high volume, complex data sets


Shifting Privacy Regulations

We’ve got you covered with a system that immediately delivers privacy-compliant code, wherever you operate


Limited Engineering Resources

Free up engineers to focus on building your unique IP rather than retiring technical debt

Rigid Data Architectures

Meet the need to activate
data in real-time across the internet, at scale


How We Help

Modernize Your Data Infrastructure

We enable our clients to better compete by eliminating the need to rebuild their own solutions from scratch. We offer our customers a pathway of “Buy to Build” to get to quicker time to market and time to value.

Become Future-Ready

The market is changing faster than companies’ ability to build marketing solutions for it. Data volumes are increasing along with profound changes to tracking and privacy. Aqfer keeps you in front of changing dynamics.

Improve Top and Bottom Lines

We drive speed in new product offerings and updates in areas such as personalization, identity resolution, prescriptive and predictive analytics, data activation, and more. And we generate dramatic savings on cloud data costs.

Why Aqfer?


Why Use a Marketing Data Platform-as-a-Service?

The Aqfer Marketing Data Platform lives within your cloud, providing you with flexible and efficient solutions to ignite maximum utility of your clients’ marketing data.


Why Choose an MDP Over a Data Lake or CDP?

The answer is quite simple: an MDP has all the best features of both a data lake and CDP with one important distinction – our solution is designed specifically and only to support marketing and advertising use cases.


How Do I Work with You?

We only work directly with marketing solution providers, not brands. Think of us as the trusted behind-the-scenes partner. With our marketing data platform, we employ a hands-on and consultative approach to working with you.

“The opportunity for performance and cost-saving meant our team can better and more effectively use the platform, so in that sense they support the core adoption of our platform. Aqfer solved a problem we wanted to solve but not one we were expecting to outsource.”

Adam Gitlin

President, Annalect