aqfer dramatically improves the performance and lowers the cost of enterprise big data marketing.


A technologically advanced data management infrastructure designed to help businesses bring all relevant marketing data back in-house


Marketing-centric data solution draws analytical truth from vast reservoirs of raw data, then package it for custom marketing & advertising


1st party tag management and web beacons to bring your data back home to your own scalable data lake. 


Robust storage mechanism for maintaining identity  relationships to build a unified 360 view of your customers

aqfer IO

Real-time Data API, unleasing the full potential of your data and reach your customers when it matters

By 2020, it’s estimated that 1.7MB of data will be created every second for every person on earth. aqfer helps companies make sense of that data.

aqfer Marketing Data Platform

High performance, low latency, low cost, no waste

Empower your business with the enterprise-level data-centric marketing architecture. aqfer: It’s a pre-packaged application ecosystem with everything—all your data, APIs and integrations in one place to power real-time omni-channel engagement. Draw analytical truth from vast reservoirs of raw data, then build on it for optimal marketing.

Data governance and integration don’t have to be at odds—they only need a different approach. Aqfer offers a powerful design with an agnostic and extensible API platform to slash the complexity and cost of data management and discovery. Draw real-time insights from all relevant, contextual and historical data that was previously unavailable.


aqfer is Flexible, Scaleable, and Repeatable


The aqfer Marketing Data Platform (MDP) for data companies allows them to supplement their existing data supply chain increasing scale and transparency.

Create valuable, differentiated data products. Eliminate middle men (extra hops) and ‘tolls.’ Create/own your own user/entity identity key.


The aqfer Marketing Data Platform for Advertising Analytics eliminates 90% of the effort in data acquisition, wrangling that data into a solution for audience-centric analysis.


aqfer is RIDICULOUSLY Efficient to Run

Customers report that running aqfer costs up to 50% LESS than their current/prior platforms!

Hosting Costs

Aqfer’s serverless environment saves clients as much as 90% on hosting by reducing reliance on expensive tools like RedShift and RedShift Spectrum while providing similar functionality.

Time and Labor

Aqfer’s toolset takes care of much of the setup and data wrangling currently being assigned to data scientists, analyst, and other expensive resources. Our tools free up your resources giving them more time to create enterprise value.

Efficiency at Scale

Aqfer’s tools leverage reference schemas and abstraction at each layer to make tasks like schema alignment, data feed monitoring and change detection, and enterprise data import setup simple, efficient and repeatable processes, saving your IT resources time and effort.

Ready to Take Back Your Data?


aqfer: the Marketing Data Platform (MDP)

Empower your business with the enterprise-level data-centric marketing architecture