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Modern Marketing Data Management is Hard

Navigating signal loss, identity graphs, complex integrations, and secure data collaboration pose immense challenges for solution providers. Delivering timely solutions amid fragmented data, privacy constraints, and ever-evolving tech stacks is a struggle.

Loss of Signals
Challenging Graph Management
Complex Integrations
Friction-Filled Data Collaboration

Loss of Signals

Signal loss poses a significant challenge for marketers and their service providers, hindering the ability to effectively analyze and measure campaign performance. As third-party cookies and other traditional tracking methods become increasingly restricted, providers struggle to gather comprehensive data on user behavior across different platforms and devices. This fragmentation of data makes it difficult to gain a holistic view of the customer journey, limiting insights into attribution, ROI, and the true impact of marketing efforts.

Signal loss also directly affects the accuracy and efficiency of targeting capabilities. Without reliable data on user preferences and behaviors, marketing solution providers face obstacles in delivering personalized, relevant content to the right audience at the right time. This diminished targeting precision can lead to wasted ad spend, suboptimal engagement rates, and ultimately, reduced campaign effectiveness for clients.

Challenging Graph Management

Many providers recognize the need to develop their own identity graph capabilities to meet the growing demands of their clients. Marketers increasingly seek solutions that enable data-driven, personalized experiences across multiple channels and devices. However, building an in-house identity graph is no small feat, requiring significant resources and expertise. Providers must deliver on various use cases, from customer data onboarding to cross-device targeting and measurement, all while ensuring compliance with evolving privacy regulations.

Moreover, companies face complex challenges when it comes to identity graph management. Sorting through myriad data points, considering which third-party data enrichment services to use, and determining the appropriate probabilistic matching logic can be daunting tasks. Providers must strike a balance between accuracy and scalability while considering the time and cost investments required to build and maintain a robust identity graph solution.

Complex Integrations

Solution providers often struggle with the complexity and cost of setting up and maintaining integrations across diverse marketing platforms and data sources for each of their clients. Connecting disparate systems, such as CRMs, DMPs, DSPs, and analytics tools, requires significant technical expertise and resources. As marketing technology stacks continue to evolve and expand, the number of integrations required grows exponentially, further compounding the challenge.

Maintaining these complex integrations over time adds another layer of difficulty. Ongoing maintenance diverts valuable resources from core product development and innovation. Additionally, the costs associated with custom integration upkeep across multiple clients, including developer hours and third-party services, can quickly escalate, making it challenging for companies to offer cost-effective solutions while still ensuring seamless data flow and system interoperability.

Friction-Filled Data Collaboration

Advertisers, publishers, and the organizations that support them face significant challenges in securely collaborating on data to facilitate campaigns, measurement, and attribution. Implementing robust data governance, including access controls, encryption, and auditing, is essential to protect sensitive information and maintain client trust.

Data clean rooms (DCRs) offer a solution for secure collaboration but come with their own challenges. Providers must invest in infrastructure and expertise to handle large data volumes, develop sophisticated matching and anonymization techniques, and align data taxonomies across parties. Despite these complexities, providers recognize that secure data collaboration is crucial for unlocking the full potential of data-driven marketing and delivering better results for clients.

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Aqfer’s platform enables companies to build powerful, privacy-first data products that drive better personalization, measurement, and activation. With enhanced first-party data collection and enrichment, bring persistent customer identity resolution to your marketing customers.

Restore Lost Signals

Restore signal and gain accurate data for holistic analytics, precise measurement, and multi-touch attribution, uncovering actionable insights that drive effectiveness and competitive advantage.

Manage Private Graphs

Manage private ID graphs for your clients, by providing a secure, cloud-based architecture that separates client instances using unique client identifiers (CIDs).

Improve Audience Targeting

Improve targeting by enabling persistent IDs, data enrichment, and audience segmentation, allowing for more precise and personalized marketing strategies.

Scalability & Repeatability

Deploy your own multi-tenant instances of our platform to drive greater value for your clients' businesses.

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By moving from DIY to “Doing It Together” with Aqfer, our solution provider clients enjoy a material impact on revenue, lowered costs, faster time to market, and a de-risked product roadmap. Our low-code solutions enable product and engineering teams to focus more energy on their company’s unique IP and less time retiring technical debt.

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Enhance the capabilities you bring to market by leveraging Aqfer’s flexible, scalable, and low-code platform. Enjoy faster time to market and lower risk.

Enhance Business Processes

Drive productivity with powerful data processing, enabling faster insights and decisions. Improve customer responsiveness and streamline business processes for greater efficiency.

Retire Technical Debt

Accelerate innovation by bringing your data infrastructure to the modern day. Focus on your core business instead of maintaining outdated systems.

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