Outperform in a Post-Cookie World

in a post-cookie world, become best-in-class with persistent identity resolution, data enrichment, and secure data collaboration, allowing for targeted advertising, enhanced measurement, and increased monetization.

The Future Is Uncertain

Large and fast changes are coming to the digital media company ecosystem, and it’s never been more important to find partners with a track record of understanding how to be future-ready.

Unknown Site Visitors
Data Collaboration Friction
Difficulty in Proving Value
Competing Balancing Acts

Unknown Site Visitors

Media companies face significant challenges in their quest to identify a greater percentage of their audience and increase the amount of traffic and impressions tied to known users. As privacy regulations and browser restrictions limit the use of third-party cookies, media companies struggle to gain a comprehensive understanding of their audience across different devices and platforms. This lack of persistent identification hinders their ability to deliver personalized experiences, gather accurate insights, and effectively monetize their content.

The inability to associate a significant portion of traffic and impressions with specific audience segments directly impacts the value of media companies’ advertising inventory. Advertisers are increasingly seeking targeted, data-driven advertising opportunities, and without robust audience identification, media companies may find it challenging to command premium CPMs and attract high-value ad spend. This, in turn, can lead to reduced revenue and a weakened competitive position in the market.

Data Collaboration Friction

 Media companies increasingly recognize the importance of data collaboration with brands to enable first-party audience buys and provide targeted advertising solutions. However, this collaboration presents several challenges. Significant investment is required in data governance, infrastructure, and legal expertise. Second, integrating and normalizing data from multiple brand partners can be complex, time-consuming, and resource-intensive.

Furthermore, media companies must develop sophisticated audience segmentation and targeting capabilities to effectively leverage the combined first-party data assets. This involves implementing advanced data matching techniques and ensuring data quality and consistency across different sources. Finally, measuring the performance of these targeted campaigns requires robust attribution and analytics solutions that can track user engagement and conversions across various touchpoints while respecting privacy guidelines. Overcoming these challenges is crucial for media companies to remain competitive.

Difficulty in Proving Value

Media companies can face significant challenges in attracting advertiser dollars when there’s an inability to effectively prove the ROI of their sites and audiences. In an increasingly competitive digital landscape, advertisers are demanding more accurate and comprehensive data to justify their ad spend. However, media companies often struggle to provide clear, measurable evidence of the impact their platforms have on driving desired outcomes, such as conversions, sales, or brand lift.

The fragmentation of user journeys across multiple devices and channels further complicates the attribution process. Users may interact with a brand’s message on a media company’s site but convert on a different platform or at a later time. Without the ability to stitch together these disparate touchpoints and accurately assign credit, media companies may undervalue their contribution to the conversion funnel. This not only hinders their ability to prove ROI but also limits their capacity to optimize content and ad placements based on performance insights.

Competing Balancing Acts

In a privacy-forward world where brands are increasingly monetizing their own first-party data and making audience buys, media companies face the challenge of facilitating seamless data collaboration and reporting. Brands expect media partners to provide secure, compliant ways to share their valuable first-party data and create lookalike audiences for targeting. This requires media companies to invest in advanced data infrastructure and governance processes that ensure the protection of sensitive information while enabling effective data sharing and activation.

In addition, media companies must develop robust reporting capabilities that provide brands with transparent, actionable insights into the performance of their audience-targeted campaigns. This involves integrating data from multiple sources, including the brand’s first-party data, the media company’s own data, and campaign delivery metrics. Creating a unified reporting framework that can accurately attribute conversions, measure ROI, and provide granular audience insights is a significant challenge.

Improve Your CPMs and Increase Revenues


Aqfer helps media companies unify data across channels to gain customer insights for better ad targeting and optimization, driving higher CPMs. Rapid data processing enables analyzing large datasets to grow traffic. Aqfer also facilitates building proprietary data assets and provides granular data for precise e-commerce attribution reporting.

Monetize New Data Assets

By collecting and unifying event data from various sources to create robust, integrated datasets, Aqfer enables the packaging of data in proprietary assets that generate revenue.

Identify More Traffic

Aqfer helps media companies identify more traffic by enabling the rapid processing and analysis of large volumes of user interaction and digital traffic data.

Build Persistent Identity

Tie together every user interaction in a privacy-compliant way, supplementing first-party data with second and third-party identity data for improved identity matching and audience insights.

Attribution Reporting Pipelines

Aqfer provides actionable insights for smarter campaign optimization and decision-making. High-speed data ingestion and querying enables faster reporting turnaround times.

Bring New and High-Performing Data Assets to Market

Open up New Revenue Streams

Our platform enables rapid processing of high data volumes to uncover valuable audience insights for improved ad targeting and higher CPMs. We also provide a first-party identity graph solution to persistently identify users across touchpoints. Most importantly, Aqfer helps media companies efficiently build proprietary data assets they can package and monetize, opening up new revenue streams.

Increase CPMs

By using persistent IDs, you can better know your audiences and their segments and can sync with third-party ID providers to enrich auction requests.

Better Monetize Audiences

Increase the value of your audience segments and reduce ‘one-time visitor counts’ because you know who your visitors are – for both direct and programmatic sales. Earn up to a 3x lift in CPM when visitors are assigned to a behavioral segment.

Demonstrate Superior Value to Advertisers

Better leverage your own this data to improve your own corporate marketing and customer experiences. Drive more engagement and return visitors.

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