Identity Resolution

A First-Party Approach to Identity

The future of identity resolution is a world in which the consumer identities are owned by the brands themselves. Aqfer has built technology to facilitate our MSP customers to build private identity graphs using a brand’s own data, rather than solely relying on third party data sources. With that first-party ID graph, a marketer can now, for the first time, create their own unique and persistent ID, and is a capability unique alone to Aqfer. It’s a world in which brands no longer need to purchase another company’s data to improve what they know about customers and site visitors.

The Aqfer Solution

Aqfer provides an identity resolution offering that captures the anonymous activity of consumers prior to authentication in real-time across their devices and touchpoints.

During this process, a brand may choose to plug in an identity spine or device graph, or their first-party CRM data, to connect identity and prior customer data to the current visit or experience. All while managing their obligations under regulations like CCPA and GDPR.

Understanding the anonymous consumer at the time of engagement can provide the brand with the real-time capability to apply next-page relevancy, next-best offer, dynamic creative optimization, and other various types of real-time scoring.

Primary Uses of Aqfer’s Identity Resolution

Create Your Own Identity Spine for Clients

Create Private ID Graph with Persistent IDs

Restore Performance with Improved Match Rates

Reduce Reliance on Third-Party Data Providers

Combine Data Sources Without Headaches

Key Benefits


The only solution on the market that allows for the creation of first-party identity graphs that can be supplemented by second- and third-party identity spines

Rooted in First-Party Data

Our solution enables the brand to connect their own first-party data as the primary source of data. You know what someone’s done before, enabling the best customization and relevant messaging. Organize the way you want.


Tie every user interaction together in a post-cookie identity world that balances measurement needs while respecting user privacy and browser changes

Hyper-Local Targeting

We enable the marketer to understand the visitor’s precise geography – enabling hyperlocal personalization. Being able to dynamically change content and creative can dramatically improve performance.