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Loss of Signal Can Lay Waste to a Marketer's Best Intentions

Creating a single, consistent view of the customer across all touchpoints is easier said than done. It requires the right technologies, data infrastructure and processes. And many companies don’t know where to start.

Fragmented Customer View
Wasted Media Spend
Inconsistent Customer Experiences
Inaccurate Measurement

Fragmented Customer View

Without a robust identity resolution solution, integrating and unifying customer data from various sources and platforms becomes difficult. This can lead to an incomplete or inaccurate view of the customer journey, hindering personalization and targeting efforts.

Wasted Media Spend

Inaccurate identification and targeting of individual customers can lead to wasted media spend on irrelevant or duplicative advertising. This can lead to inefficient use of marketing resources and reduced return on investment.

Inconsistent Customer Experiences

Without identity resolution, it’s a struggle to deliver consistent, seamless experiences across channels. Customers may receive disjointed or contradictory messages, leading to confusion, frustration, and potentially damaging the brand relationship.

Inaccurate Measurement

Lack of identity resolution hinders marketers’ ability to accurately attribute conversions and measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. This can lead to suboptimal decision-making, as marketers may not have a clear understanding of which channels, tactics, and touchpoints are driving desired outcomes.


Industry-Specific Solutions

Aqfer enables organizations to accurately identify and resolve individuals across multiple data sources and platforms. Tapping into powerful capabilities, companies can develop a unified, omnichannel view of their customers that transcends data silos. Seamlessly integrate identity graphs from diverse data providers and deliver robust identity matching and entity resolution at scale to empower data-driven strategies with reliable, enriched consumer profiles for enhanced personalization, more effective marketing campaigns, and superior customer experiences.

Data Providers
Technology Providers
Media Companies
Systems Integrators

Data Providers

By creating more comprehensive and accurate consumer profiles through identity resolution, data providers can offer higher-value data products to their clients.

In addition, providers can perform more advanced analytics, such as cross-channel attribution, customer journey analysis, and predictive modeling. This enables them to derive deeper insights from their data and offer more sophisticated data-driven solutions to their clients.

Technology Providers

Resolve user identities across different devices, channels, and platforms in order to create more comprehensive and accurate user profiles.

Deliver more targeted and personalized marketing messages and advertising content, leading to higher engagement, conversion rates, and ROI for your clients.

Media Companies

Deliver more personalized content and advertising experiences to their users. By recognizing users across devices and sessions, they can provide seamless and consistent experiences, such as remembering user preferences, maintaining reading progress across devices, and offering relevant content recommendations based on user interests and behavior.

By recognizing users across devices and sessions, media companies can provide seamless and consistent experiences, such as remembering user preferences, maintaining reading progress across devices, and offering relevant content recommendations based on user interests and behavior.

Systems Integrators

By developing strong identity resolution capabilities and offering advanced data integration, analytics, and personalization solutions, systems integrators can differentiate themselves in the market and position themselves as leading providers of data-driven digital transformation services.

Move Identity from Supplier to Advertiser


As reliance on third-party data diminishes, brands and publishers will need to rely on identity spines to manage better customer experience, privacy and compliance, and the total cost of ownership across their data management practice.

Create Private Identity Spines

The strength of the spine is an advertiser-driven persistent ID, which becomes the connective tissue across every component of the advertiser’s MadTech central nervous system

Restore Performance with Improved Match Rates

Higher match rates enable better identification and targeting of audiences across different channels and devices. This leads to higher engagement, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction

Easily Combine Data Sources

Having a unified view of customer data from various sources enables responsiveness to changing market conditions and customer needs.

Reduce Reliance on Third-Party Data Providers

When advertisers get a spine, they don’t just control their own data; they also have the power to bring the third-party ecosystem to them instead of pushing their data out to the ecosystem

Create Your Own Identity Spine

Create private identity graphs rooted in first-party data for each client. Incorporate purchase interactions and other customer touchpoints, supplemented with appropriate third-party data. Blend adtech and martech exhaust data to generate a complete picture of the client with privacy-preserving features incorporated throughout.

Full Interoperability

We’re the only solution on the market that allows for the creation of first-party identity graphs that can be supplemented by second- and third-party identity spines

Rooted in First-Party Data

Our solution enables the brand to connect their own first-party data as the primary source of data. You know what someone’s done before, enabling the best customization and relevant messaging. Organize the way you want.

High Durability

Tie every user interaction together in a post-cookie identity world that balances measurement needs while respecting user privacy and browser changes

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