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Outdated Approaches to Data Processing Create Hidden Costs and Failed Jobs

As data volumes increase, the time it takes to do the processing also increases, and this becomes more pronounced with larger volumes. Many companies are applying the same technologies and methodologies to data processing as they used in the past, and may not be aware of the hidden ‘taxes’ they are now paying.

Higher Costs
Missed Opportunities
Reduced Scalability
Decreased Effectiveness

Higher Costs

Inefficient data processing can be expensive, requiring more resources and infrastructure to manage and analyze marketing data. This can eat into profit margins and limit the ability to invest in other areas of the business.

Missed Opportunities

Slow data processing can lead to missed opportunities for real-time personalization, targeting, and optimization. In a fast-paced digital landscape, the ability to quickly respond to customer behavior and market trends is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge.

Reduced Scalability

Those that can’t process data efficiently may struggle to scale their operations as data volumes grow. This can hinder growth and limit the ability to take on new clients or expand into new markets.

Decreased Effectiveness

Incomplete or outdated data can result in less effective marketing campaigns. Without a comprehensive, up-to-date view of the customer journey, companies may struggle to deliver relevant, timely messages that resonate with their target audience.


Industry-Specific Solutions

Aqfer provides a fast, reliable, and cost-effective big data processing solution that can handle very large data volumes. Aqfer’s system is built to process event streams numbering in the tens of billions per customer efficiently. Aqfer’s data processing engine does the heavy lifting for event-level processing, allowing customers to process huge data files faster than other methods. Customers see significant cost reductions compared to alternatives.

Data Providers
Technology Providers
Media Companies
Systems Integrators

Data Providers

Aqfer serves as a repository to handle data integration and preparation, so data providers don’t have to build their own data infrastructure from scratch.

Aqfer optimizes data collection and processing to extract more value from data. It connects data sources above and applications below.

Technology Providers

Aqfer’s platforms can ingest and unify large amounts of customer data from disparate sources. This helps companies build more complete customer profiles.

In addition, Aqfer allows companies to process large volumes of data at lower costs compared to other methods.

Media Companies

For media companies dealing with large amounts of data, Aqfer processes high volumes of data like user interactions and digital traffic quickly and cost-effectively. Media companies can analyze large datasets to gain insights into consumer behavior.

It enables processing of granular, individual-level data for precise attribution and optimization. Media companies can optimize campaigns better.

Systems Integrators

Aqfer is optimized to run frequent queries against massive datasets. Systems integrators can leverage this to build analytics dashboards and enable real-time reporting for marketers.

In addition, we provide predictable infrastructure costs compared to some other cloud data platforms. This allows systems integrators to better estimate budgets for client projects.

Modern data volumes require innovative approaches to data processing


Aqfer provides a fast, reliable and cost-effective big data processing solution that can handle – and make useful – massive volumes of data with maximum efficiency. Aqfer’s platform is built to process tens of billions of events efficiently and handle rapidly growing data volumes.

Platform Interoperability

Seamlessly integrate and operate with a wide range of marketing platforms, tools, and technologies, regardless of their specific vendors or technical specifications.

Handle Growing Data Volumes

Modern data volumes need a modern approach to processing - our proprietary technology processes data much faster and cheaper than competing alternatives

Customizable Schemas

Tailor the structure and organization of marketing data to meet the specific needs and requirements of individual clients or use cases, leading to better marketing outcomes

Query Massive Data Sets

With access to a broader range of data points, you can identify patterns, correlations, and opportunities that may not be apparent when analyzing smaller, siloed data subsets.

Processing Billions of Records with Clear Channel Outdoor


After implementing Aqfer’s data processing capabilities, Clear Channel Outdoor scaled their RADAR solution, boasting reduced costs, streamlined data volumes and faster data processing. We handle 15 – 20 billion daily records processed across 57,000 displays in over 80 DMAs where CCO operates.

12 TB Inputs. 8 GB Outputs.

Cut through the noise to find only what truly matters with unparalleled efficiency and scale

Predicatable Compute Costs

Aqfer customers see costs come down by 50% or more per month and eliminate the billing variability that causes budgets to explode

Works Best With Massive Data Sets

Our system handles big data with ease and won’t strain as you require larger file sizes to be processed

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