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Aqfer Helps Vevo Grow Revenue
Vevo is the world’s largest all-premium music video provider, offering artists a global platform with enormous scale through its distribution partners. Discover how Aqfer and Prohaska Consulting helped Vevo develop its MELODY big data analytics platform to boost prod...
Driving Cost Efficiencies in Modern Data Collation

Data collation refers to the process of gathering, organizing, and compiling data from various sources into a single, comprehensive dataset for analysis. This may involve collecting data from internal sources, such as customer databases, as well as external sources,...

Identity Resolution Explained
At Aqfer, we believe the future of identity resolution should be owned by the brands, and that's why we've developed the technology to enable our clients to build private identity graphs for their customers using each brand's first-, second-, and third-party data.
Secure Data Sharing with Aqfer
Facilitate collaboration for multiple parties to match data sets in a data clean room while keeping the data encrypted at all times: at rest, during transmission, and under operation. Plus, Aqfer's solutions are designed to be interoperable with other major players in t...
Aqfer Overview
Aqfer provides the most efficient way to collect, manage, and distribute marketing data for marketing solutions providers who need to facilitate identity management and resolution, secure data sharing, universal first-party tag management, and media analytics & attribut...
MDP Sandbox
Create and run your own custom jobs in the Aqfer Portal using your own custom configurations in the new marketing data platform sandbox.
Universal Tag Demo
Manage aUT deployments and settings, access the new tag templating tools, generate custom container tags, and view reports in Client Portal.
Home and User Admin
Check out the Client Portal's updated user interface and learn how to access its user administration tools, reports, and new Knowledge Base.