Our Team

Core Values


We have one central goal: deliver best-in-class software and services to enable our clients to solve the biggest, most complex marketing data challenges.


We stand up for what we believe in, do what needs to be done, are adept at problem-solving, and ask for help when needed.


We foster a culture of trust, internally and externally, by relying on employees with a strong moral code and sense of personal responsibility.


We have a thirst for knowledge and are never afraid to ask tough questions. We try new things to drive new innovations in order to progress ourselves personally and professionally.

Leadership Team Members

Daniel Jaye

Founder, CEO

Marc Sabatini

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Pat McNair

Chief Financial Officer

Scott Sprunger

Chief Solutions Architect

Jeff Storan

SVP, Product

Tom Burg

SVP, Marketing

Mark Sneathen

SVP, Sales

Narayanan R

VP, Engineering

Joshua Brandt-Rauf

VP, Client Success

Tom Winchell

VP, Sales

Michael Keohane

VP, Client Engineering

Sandro Camarao

VP, Partner and CX Engineering

Working at Aqfer

Our global workforce is a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and skills all coming together for one important goal: to help our clients and their customers overcome today’s most pressing data-related marketing and advertising challenges. We’re dedicated to understanding the constantly changing needs of our clients, and together we work to provide them with the solutions and services needed for them to thrive in today’s digital world.

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do at Aqfer and we’ve built an inclusive culture where our employees are able to grow personally and professionally. We of course value hard work, but we also believe strongly in a healthy work/life balance which is reflected in our remote-first work environment and flexible paid time off. Even though we may not always be together, building connections and strengthening our company culture are always top priorities, and weekly video gatherings and quarterly in-person events ensure we do just that.

Our Thoughts

Tagging Beyond the Website: Apps, CTV, and More

Tagging Beyond the Website: Apps, CTV, and More

While website tagging remains crucial, businesses must expand their tagging strategies to encompass mobile apps, connected TV (CTV), and other emerging channels. By doing so, companies can gain a more comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and make data-driven decisions that drive growth and profitability.

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6 Strategies to Support Sustainable Growth for MadTech Products

6 Strategies to Support Sustainable Growth for MadTech Products

A once fast-growing and well-funded technology landscape has given way to an environment marked by increased scrutiny and board-mandated directives to prioritize sustainability and long-term growth over short-term profitability. As companies navigate this new landscape, it’s crucial to adopt a more balanced approach that prioritizes sustainable growth, profitability, and long-term value creation.

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Charting First-Party Identity for Clients

Charting First-Party Identity for Clients

The identity landscape is shifting right now, and it’s time to adapt or risk being left behind. As advertisers increasingly recognize the importance of owning their identity data, the demand for enterprise identity spines is skyrocketing. This presents a massive opportunity for systems integrators who are ready to step up and deliver these critical solutions to their clients.

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Building for a Composable Future

Building for a Composable Future

Product managers and chief product officers in the MADTech space face a paradigm shift that demands a new approach to product development and integration. The key to thriving in this new world lies in embracing composability – the ability to create flexible, modular, and adaptable systems that can seamlessly integrate with other technologies.

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