About Aqfer

The Aqfer Founding Story

Aqfer was founded in 2018 by ad tech stalwarts Dan Jaye and Raymie Stata.  The two realized that companies in the Martech/Adtech industry tend to solve the same recognized and foundational challenges over and over again – those that are important but nonetheless table-stakes, important to solve but don’t create enterprise value. For many marketing solution providers, this revolves around the challenges of ingesting, unifying, and activating customer data.

Aqfer’s founders used the knowledge they had to create a platform that exploited unique efficiencies that allow Aqfer to process massive amounts of data more efficiently and at a lower cost than other methods available.  Companies like Annalect, Acxiom, Clear Channel, New York Post, and Acoustic process trillions of rows of data using Aqfer.  One customer said that of all their strategic partners, Aqfer “adds the most value and is the most mission-critical.” 

Why? We add the most value because we work *with* our clients to develop and launch new marketing data-related products and solutions. We offer companies a lower-risk, lower-cost way to bring things to market by going from do-it-yourself to do-it-together. In short, you buy Aqfer to build your business faster, more affordably, more predictably, and with less risk.

Team Aqfer

Our team includes some of the smartest engineers and data experts in the business. Our founders are credited with inventing behavioral targeting and leading the invention of Hadoop. Today, we’re hard at work at developing solutions to tomorrow’s marketing challenges.

Core Values


All of us at Aqfer, regardless of role or team, have one central goal: provide our clients and their customers with the most innovative and effective solutions and services.


We stand-up for what we believe in, stand-up for others, and are never afraid to ask for or offer help when it’s needed.


We have a strong sense of responsibility, both personally and professionally, and foster a culture of business ownership that relies on trust, inclusion, and acceptance.


We have a thirst for knowledge and are never afraid to ask tough questions. We try new things to drive new innovations in order to progress ourselves personally and professionally.