About Aqfer

The Future-Ready Platform

Somewhere out there, someone is coming up with the next great advancement in data science or machine learning, or algorithmic analysis. Aqfer is the Marketing Data Platform they’ll want to build it on…

Incorporated in 2018, Aqfer offers the next-generation enterprise data platform solution that enables companies to get to the truth about their customers and their data. Like an aquifer, the aqfer solution functions as a semi-permeable container that allows for marketing data to be collected from all existing systems, refined, and then distributed to the various marketing and advertising platforms to bring personalized, relevant messages to customers.

The Aqfer solution allows the CMO and CTO to have certainty about their data. The company’s solutions today are successfully implemented with a variety of Ad-tech, Mar-tech, and digital agencies.

Our mission is to help enterprises adopt Data-Centric Marketing by creating an environment for powerful and agile marketing applications that don’t have to reproduce solutions to common yet challenging marketing problems.

Key Component

Our team includes some of the smartest engineers and data people in the business. Our founders are credited with inventing behavioral targeting and leading the invention of Hadoop. We’ve been at this a long time and are still just getting started!

Your Apps Should Meet Our Platform

aqfer Graph Manager merges data across multiple channels to create a unified and actionable view of customers across all touch-points.

Tech advances often mix small steps and giant leaps—but they must solve current challenges while offering new capabilities.