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Multiple Touchpoints, Devices, and Platforms Create Fragmented Data

It’s difficult to gain an enterprise view of the consumer and create personalized, relevant experiences. Additionally, the deprecation of third-party cookies is forcing your clients to rethink their approach to managing identity and prioritizing first-party data.

Fragmented Customer Data
Incomplete Customer Understanding
Competitive Disadvantage
Inconsistent Messaging

Fragmented Customer Data

In today’s digital landscape, businesses often grapple with the challenge of fragmented customer data scattered across multiple sources and platforms. Without a robust identity resolution solution in place, companies find themselves struggling to effectively integrate and unify this disparate data. As a result, they are left with an incomplete or inaccurate picture of the customer journey, hindering their ability to deliver truly personalized experiences and precisely target their marketing efforts.

Overcoming data fragmentation is paramount for businesses seeking to gain a holistic understanding of their customers and optimize their engagement strategies. By investing in advanced identity resolution technologies and processes, companies can stitch together the various threads of customer data, creating a unified view of each individual. This comprehensive understanding enables businesses to tailor their interactions, anticipate customer needs, and deliver seamless experiences across all touchpoints.

Incomplete Customer Understanding

Incomplete customer understanding plagues brand marketers who lack a unified view of their target audience across multiple touchpoints. Fragmented data hinders the ability to gain a comprehensive grasp of customer behavior, preferences, and journeys. This fragmentation leads to suboptimal segmentation, personalization, and engagement strategies, as marketers are unable to tailor their efforts effectively to individual customers.

Unifying customer data is paramount for developing a holistic understanding of the target audience, enabling marketers to create more relevant and impactful campaigns that resonate with customers and drive better results. By investing in robust identity resolution solutions, brands can overcome the challenges of fragmented data and gain a complete, 360-degree view of their customers. This, in turn, empowers marketers to deliver personalized experiences, optimize engagement strategies, and foster lasting, profitable relationships with their audience.

Competitive Disadvantage

Systems integrators lacking a robust identity resolution offering may find themselves at a competitive disadvantage when vying for future brand marketer clients. As the digital landscape evolves and the deprecation of third-party cookies looms on the horizon, brands are increasingly prioritizing first-party data marketing strategies. Without a comprehensive solution to unify and manage customer data effectively, systems integrators risk falling behind in meeting the evolving needs of their clients.

To remain competitive and attract brand marketer clients, it is imperative for systems integrators to invest in developing powerful identity resolution capabilities. By doing so, they can position themselves as valuable partners in helping brands navigate the challenges of a cookie-less future and deliver personalized, data-driven marketing experiences to their customers.

Inconsistent Messaging

Ineffective identity resolution often leads to inconsistent and irrelevant messaging across various communication channels. When companies fail to accurately identify and unify customer data, they risk sending conflicting or misaligned messages to the same individual through different touchpoints. This inconsistency can confuse and alienate customers, eroding their trust and loyalty in the brand.

Inconsistent messaging not only diminishes the effectiveness of marketing efforts but also negatively impacts overall brand perception. To maintain a coherent and compelling brand narrative, it is essential for companies to prioritize robust identity resolution solutions that ensure consistent and relevant communication with customers across all channels. By leveraging advanced technologies and data management practices, brands can create a seamless, unified customer experience that strengthens brand equity, drives engagement, and ultimately boosts business growth.

An Enterprise Identity Spine Built for Modern Marketing Challenges


As a systems integrator, you’re always looking for ways to deliver more value and insight to your clients. In today’s complex landscape, one of the biggest challenges facing brands is fragmented customer data and the inability to create a unified view of their customers across touchpoints. This is where identity resolution comes in – and where Aqfer technology can help you enhance your service offerings. We offer future-ready innovations to address evolving use cases.

Unified Customer Profiles

Integrate online and offline data from CRM, POS, subscriptions, etc. and resolve it to unique households. Build rich identity graphs that centralize all interactions with each customer.

Attribution & Optimization

Connecting identity graphs with campaign data provides closed-loop attribution to accurately measure marketing performance and optimize campaigns.

Predictive Analytics

Use regression modeling or deep learning neural networks to power accurate forecasts of customer lifetime value, churn risk, next best offers, and more.

Enhanced Personalization

With enterprise identity graphs, experiences can be tailored to individual behaviors and preferences in real-time across devices and contexts.

Data Enrichment

Linking first-party operational data to external data in a common identity layer provides richer, more actionable customer intelligence.

Privacy Compliance

Resolving data to the household level and providing transparency around collection help brands comply with regulations like GDPR and CCPA when using first-party data.

A Durable Identity Framework to Power Advanced Marketing Use Cases

Build an Effective Identity Strategy

Brands are increasingly seeking enterprise identity graphs, but often lack the resources to build and maintain them in-house. This presents a significant opportunity for systems integrators to expand their current service offerings. With a partner like Aqfer, you can offer your clients new services around identity resolution, data management, and activation, driving incremental revenue for your business.

Comprehensive Identity Coverage

Ingest and unify data from all of your clients’ first-party sources and enrich it with the wide range of third-party and ad tech data they already license, creating a holistic view of each customer.

Seamless Martech & Adtech Integration

Aqfer integrates with the tools your clients already use, allowing you to activate customer data across channels in real-time, without the need for constant data movement between systems.

Reduced Dependency on 3rd Party Cookies

Reliance on third-party cookies and identifiers is reduced by creating persistent first-party identity profiles in the private graph, which provides a hedge against future ecosystem changes.

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