Marketing Data Solutions for a
First-Party Future

Aqfer’s Marketing Data Platform helps MadTech providers beat the curve on cookie deprecation, changing privacy rules, and complicated tech stacks.


Future-Ready and Cost-Effective Marketing Data Solutions for MadTech Providers

Robust Data Capture

First-party solutions to gain durability and restore signal loss

Lightning-Fast Data Processing

Scalable solutions that don’t break the bank

Enterprise Identity Resolution

Create private identity graphs to resolve disparate indentifiers

Built for Size and Speed


Aqfer supercharges the world’s leading MadTech companies behind the scenes. Our innovative, privacy-first tech powers white-labeled solutions that touch millions of consumers globally.

Deployed on Millions of Sites

Our privacy-compliant tech captures tens of billions of consumer interactions every day

Trillions of Records Monthly

Get unparalleled scalability; tackle the biggest jobs with ruthless efficiency

Real-Time Data Decisioning

Our scalable and reliable APIs handle hundreds of thousands of requests every minute

MarTech, AdTech & DataTech Leaders


We are proud to service many of the world’s biggest marketing solution providers. You may not have heard of us before today, but odds are, you’ve interacted with Aqfer technology.

Data Providers

Better monetize your data assets by enabling your customers’ targeting and personalization use cases


Build and deploy composable data environments to expand customer intelligence

Tech Providers

Connect durable first-party data to improve measurement, analytics, and audience activation

Media Companies

Improve first-party capabilities to personalize user experiences and boost ad revenues


Unlock Integrated Data Insights to Optimize Campaign Performance

Get the Data You Need


Collecting more, better data is critical for companies operating in a world without cookies. Connect your brand clients to marketing data in real time, and batch the collection of that data for more efficient activation. Aqfer optimizes data collection and processing to extract more value out of data.

First-Party Data Capture

Improve durability, restore signal loss, and make privacy-respecting data decisions

Harmonize Disparate Data

Gain unified views of your clients for downstream analytics and activation

Capture Paid Media Events

Discover key insights to refine strategies for acquisition, retention, and engagement

Regional Privacy Control

Make decisions about what data to collect based on the user's physical location

Personalized Experiences

Get the right message to the right person at the right time - at scale

Improve Ad Inventory Yield

Command higher programmatic ad inventory CPMs by using publisher-specific persistent identifiers

Targeted Advertising

Improve durability, restore signal loss, and make privacy-respecting data decisions

Data Asset Monetization

Create new real-time data services to enable personalization and targeting use cases

Put Your Data to Work


Don’t just capture better data – use it to revolutionize your bottom line. Use customer data to inform powerful activations for brand clients like personalizing user experiences, improving marketing ROI, and optimizing across channels. Aqfer helps you turn data insights into action.

Extract More Value From Your Data


Eliminate data silos and overcome signal loss to restore and enhance your analytics capabilities. Leverage consolidated data to unlock insights that drive business value. Give your AI models the best data for training to improve your return on investment.


Restore confidence in your multi-touch attribution and campaign performance analysis

Predictive Analytics

Knowing your customers helps improve lifetime value and next best offers

Descriptive Analytics

See what's in your data via overlap analysis and operational reporting

AI-Assisted Analytics

With integrated data, AI models can learn faster and drive enhanced value


Grow Your Business With Aqfer

Enhance Value Creation

Create enterprise value with your own unique IP as your team focuses on high-value work

Build Faster

Launch in 8 weeks, not quarters or years, with guided onboarding to get you in-market faster

Grow Quickly

Keep up with exponential growth in marketing data and use all your data effectively

Own the Data

Orient your efforts around your first-party data, and limit reliance on third-party providers

Lower Compute Expenses

Enjoy predictable and volume-based pricing—no more surprises from runaway queries

Minimize Tech Debt

Count on us to keep the
lights on and proactively address problems

A Partner You Can Trust


Aqfer delivers best-in-class software and services to enable our clients to solve the biggest, most complex marketing data challenges.

Aqfer’s founders created a platform that exploits unique efficiencies that allow us to process massive amounts of data more efficiently and at a lower cost than other methods available.  Our blue-chip clients process trillions of rows of data using Aqfer.  One customer said that of all their strategic partners, we “add the most value and are the most mission-critical.”

In short, you buy Aqfer to build your business faster, more affordably, more predictably, and with less risk.

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