Audience Data Enrichment

Data enrichment allows you to consolidate scattered data into one place, eliminate redundancy, and add insights from external sources. This makes the data more valuable and actionable for analysis and decision making.
Why Choose Aqfer for Audience Data Enhancement?
Gain a more complete view of target audiences by collating data from various internal and external sources. This allows you to better understand your customers, identify trends and make informed data-driven decisions. Supplement first-party data with ongoing third-party data sources to enrich what you know about you audiences. Ensure continuity of capabilities after loss of third-party data. Analyze your audiences through metrics such as browsing interests, shopping interests, brand affinity, demographics and more.

How We Can Help

First, by integrating all customer data sources and channels into a unified marketing lakehouse, Aqfer helps achieve a complete view of the customer. Second, through identity management and resolution solutions, Aqfer enables creation of first-party identity graphs that can be enriched by second and third-party data for improved outcomes. This allows identity matching capabilities to be extended and brings additional data back to the identity graph.

Key Benefits


Better understand customers


Unify data sources, creating a complete view of the customer


Make better strategic decisions

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