Improve Ad Inventory Yield

Improving ad inventory yield is crucial for publishers to maximize revenue. By optimizing ad placement, timing, targeting, pricing and other factors, publishers can serve ads that are more relevant and valuable to audiences. This increases clickthrough and conversion rates.
Why Choose Aqfer for Improve Ad Inventory Yield?
Deliver better results for advertisers while extracting the maximum value from every advertising opportunity. Optimize ad placements and formats to improve click-through and conversion rates. Leverage data and analytics to place targeted ads for audience segments more effectively.

How We Can Help

Aqfer allows media companies to bring together their campaign data with ad delivery data to gain more robust insights into advertising performance and metrics. With Aqfer's identity resolution capabilities, media companies can gain a deeper understanding of their audiences and create more targeted ad campaigns. This leads to higher click-through and conversion rates, allowing media companies to generate greater revenue from their ad inventory. Ultimately, Aqfer provides the data unification and identity resolution that enables media companies to optimize ad targeting and improve the yield of their ad inventory.

Key Benefits


Increase revenue


Demonstrate superior value to advertisers


Optimize ad placements

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