Capture Paid Media Event Data

Restore signal loss to better understand the delivery, performance, and engagement of paid media campaigns across channels, platforms, and devices. Get valuable insights into reach, cost-effectiveness, and audience engagement.
Why Choose Aqfer for Capture Paid Media Event Data?
Capturing paid media event data is critical to enabling brands to establish and maintain their own first-party identity and data ownership. By developing or licensing first-party tag solutions that can collect data across paid media channels, marketing solution providers aim to facilitate brands' ownership of their data and identity in a privacy-compliant way, while reducing the complexity of disparate data sources and friction in the data collection process.

How We Can Help

Aqfer's Universal Tag solution collects various types of event data (clicks, impressions, site activity, etc.) and brings it back to the brand's endpoint in real-time. It is designed for use in paid media, and works with most tag configurations to enable privacy-compliant data collection. Aqfer's universal tag solution manages all tags in one place and offers control over data collection.

Key Benefits


Enhance campaign performance measurement


Boost audience insights


Improve cost analysis decision-making

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