Regional Privacy Control

It's never been more important for MadTech providers (and their brand clients) to ensure compliance with evolving data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. For Aqfer, Privacy is in our DNA - all of our marketing data solutions are designed with a privacy-first lens.
Why Choose Aqfer for Regional Privacy Control?
Ever-evolving data privacy regulations can make it difficult for digital-first companies to innovate with confidence. MadTech companies want to offer their clients more robust data capture and activation solutions, but maintaining compliance can make innovation feel like an impossible task. As they seek to develop data solutions that transcend across countries and regions -- Aqfer makes it easier than ever before.

How We Can Help

Aqfer's Universal Tag solution offers in-region privacy decisioning at the edge. This means data does not have to travel from one jurisdiction to another to even determine what can or cannot be captured. As various states and countries enact their own privacy regulations, Aqfer can ensure your data collection remains compliant.

Key Benefits


Adhere to privacy laws


Maintain data security


Prevent cross-border data transfer

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