Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising enables customization based on each customer's unique data, tech stack and analytics capabilities for superior campaign performance.
Why Choose Aqfer for Targeted Advertising?
Understanding individual behaviors through identity resolution gives marketing providers the ability to create highly targeted campaigns that are more likely to convert. When providers can segment audiences and deliver the right messages to the right users, it leads to better results such as higher click-through and read rates. With improved targeting capabilities, marketing solution providers can achieve increased campaign return on investment. When providers serve customized ads to segmented audiences, it improves metrics like click-through rate and return on ad spend. This generates more revenue both for the providers and their brand clients.

How We Can Help

Aqfer's marketing data platform ingests detailed log-level data from brands. It then packages this data for distribution to media activation and data licensing partners of marketing solution providers. This enables precise targeting of advertising campaigns.

Key Benefits


Gain a better understanding of individual behaviors


Generate higher click-through and return on ad spend


Provide more value to brand customers by using brand-supplied 1P data

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