Aqfer Partners with LiveRamp to Extend Data Activation Capabilities for Marketing Service Providers

In a digital-first environment where companies have more access to data than ever before, the ability to understand and act on that data has never been more critical. Our mission has always been to provide Marketing Service Providers with easy-to-implement solutions for providing their brand customers with advanced data collection, analysis, and activation capabilities.

We are proud to announce a partnership with LiveRamp, the leading data collaboration platform. This partnership will extend our mission by expanding data analysis and activation capabilities for Aqfer customers. Aqfer customers will be able to:


Leverage their first-party data anywhere via LiveRamp’s pseudonymous identifier, RampID


Connect and activate their data across LiveRamp’s premier global ecosystem using RampID


Better maintain the privacy and security of their consumer data

“Aqfer clients will now have seamless access to LiveRamp’s industry-leading data, activation, and measurement capabilities. We are pleased to add LiveRamp to our ever-broadening partnership network to assist our clients to bridge their first-party data to second and third parties utilizing LiveRamp’s leading capabilities for activation, data collaboration, and other madtech use cases.”

Sandro Camarao

VP, Partnerships and CX Engineering

Live Ramp and Data Collaboration

LiveRamp is the data collaboration platform of choice for the world’s most innovative companies. A groundbreaking leader in consumer privacy, data ethics, and foundational identity, LiveRamp is setting the new standard for building a connected customer view with unmatched clarity and context while protecting precious brand and consumer trust. LiveRamp offers complete flexibility to collaborate wherever data lives to support the widest range of data collaboration use cases—within organizations, between brands, and across its premier global network of top-quality partners.

Start Building with Aqfer and LiveRamp

We are excited about the benefits to Aqfer customers that this partnership provides. With enhanced data insight, analysis, and activation capabilities our customers will be able to grow faster and more efficiently. Contact us to learn more about Aqfer’s LiveRamp integrations, and to discover how to build-it-together approach can help you scale.