Acxiom’s rich customer insights are now available in Aqfer Marketing Data Platform-as-a-Service

Aqfer, the world’s first and only Marketing-Data-Platform-as-a-Service (MDPaaS), announces a strategic integration with Acxiom, the global leader in customer intelligence. Through a single access point within MDPaaS, Aqfer clients can seamlessly tap into Acxiom’s extensive catalog of descriptive data to better understand, identify, and connect with people across channels.

“MDPaaS was designed to offer marketers more efficient data management and improved analytics,” said Sandro Camarao, VP of Partnerships at Aqfer. “This integration not only deepens our long-standing relationship with Acxiom, but it also equips our clients with a robust solution to broaden their outreach and fine-tune their marketing strategies.”

Built using Acxiom’s Data Services API, the integration empowers Aqfer’s MDPaaS users to:

  • Enrich owned data assets with Acxiom’s detailed demographic, lifestyle, and preference insights.
  • Leverage Acxiom’s precision identity matching and data hygiene services.
  • Dive deeper into audience analytics, segmentation, and modeling, ensuring informed marketing perspectives and data-driven decisions.
  • Optimize marketing campaign outcomes and elevate engagement rates.
  • Craft personalized customer experiences that enhance engagement and loyalty.
  • Meet marketing goals with higher efficiency and ROI, while minimizing ad spend and waste.

“Our integration with Aqfer is a step forward in advanced fully cloud-based marketing solutions,” said Brady Gadberry, SVP, Head of Data Products at Acxiom. ” We’re thrilled to elevate Aqfer’s MDPaaS potential and deliver unmatched value to businesses seeking actionable insights into their ideal customers.”

Build Smarter with Aqfer

Aqfer’s low-code solutions help marketing solution providers bring new products to market more quickly, safely, and affordably. Via partnerships and integrations with companies like Acxiom, Aqfer customers get access to more robust data collection, management and activation capabilities.
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