Aqfer has announced a new partnership with Adstra, a leading provider of identity management and identity recognition solutions that specializes in the bridging of known and anonymized data.

The partnership gives Aqfer’s clients and their customers access to Adstra’s Conexa Enterprise Identity Platform and Adstra’s wealth of identity, attribute, and audience data, all of which will help Aqfer’s clients and their customers augment their existing identity graphs and bolster their consumer and audience intelligence.

“Adstra is one of the industry leaders in privacy-compliant identity management and identity recognition, and we’re excited to be establishing this partnership with them today,” said Dan Jaye, CEO and co-founder of Aqfer. “With access to Adstra’s identity resolution solutions and the company’s wealth of identity, attribute, and audience data, our clients and their customers will be able to further bolster their identity graphs and overall audience intelligence and ultimately achieve the unified view of the consumer needed for success in today’s digital marketing and advertising space.”


Adstra’s Conexa Enterprise Identity Platform helps users resolve individual consumer touchpoints across all of their media in a fully privacy-compliant manner and then connect available data elements back to individual identities. It provides a foundation for accurately building the linkage of individuals across systems, creating a complete 360-degree view of consumers, and actioning customers in ways that drive greater business value. Powering Conexa is Adstra Attributes, which provides essential consumer-related marketing data on over 240 million individuals and business-related marketing data on over 70 million individuals across over 22 million businesses.

With Adstra’s identity resolution solution at their disposal, Aqfer’s clients and their customers can now:

  • Sync Adstra identity and signals to client first-party identity through deterministic methods and probabilistic models
  • Augment their first-party identity graph with Adstra’s identity signals
  • Augment their first-party customer attributes with Adstra data attributes by syncing of identities
  • Leverage the Adstra persistent ID to interoperate with second- and third-party identities for analysis, measurement, attribution, and targeting
  • Maintain the most up data attributes on each subject ID
  • Ingest audiences to assign first-party customers to selected audiences for analysis

“As the need for and value of accurate, actionable marketing-related data continues to skyrocket, identity resolution and identity management will be absolutely critical for marketers and advertisers,” Andy Johnson, Chief Data Officer at Adstra. “With Adstra’s identity resolution and management solutions now accessible through Aqfer’s future-ready marketing data management toolkit, Aqfer’s clients and their customers can access hundreds of millions of unique consumer identities and attributes to further augment their audience intelligence and execute highly-personalized, hyper-targeted campaigns.”