Aqfer is now integrated with Boostr, an ad sales management platform built by media execs for media execs. Boostr provides a centralized place to manage orders that can be pushed to execution systems like ad servers, SSPs and other self-serve portals. 

Traditionally media companies and publishers had to access ad delivery data from multiple trafficking and ad delivery systems. They had to harmonize each system to provide a full picture of campaign performance.  With this integration, clients can now programmatically ingest Boostr campaign data via our connector and harmonize it with their ad delivery data to power insights and intelligence.  

Aqfer already supports data ingestion from multiple ad delivery systems like Freewheel, Google Ad Manager and more.  Our made-for-advertising standard schemas allow for improved harmonization across all these datasets.

Highlights of the Boostr Integration

The integration allows media and publisher clients utilizing Boostr to harmonize their unified ad sales order data with their ad delivery system(s) data; whether ad servers, self-serve platforms or SSPs. 

The integration works by ingesting master data from the Boostr campaign platform that can be combined with ad server delivery data in the Aqfer platform. The Aqfer platform makes daily calls to the Boostr API, ensuring real-time access to ad data.

  • Boostr ingests data from Deals, IOs, IO Line Items and Traffic Line Items
  • Combine Boostr master data with complimentary ad delivery system’s performance data provided by Aqfer, offering more robust insight into advertising metrics
  • Leverage the Aqfer master data schema to easily join with aggregate data to provide robust data projection.

Build Smarter with Aqfer

Aqfer’s low code solutions help marketing solution providers bring new products to market more quickly, safely, and affordably. Via partnerships with companies like Boostr, Aqfer customers get access to more robust data collection, management and activation capabilities. Click here to explore all partners and integrations available when you build together with Aqfer.

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