Aqfer is thrilled to announce that Marc Sabatini is our new Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Marc has been with Aqfer since day 1, as our first full-time employee and co-founder. Most recently, Marc served as Aqfer’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), leading our sales and business development team.

Marc will continue to support Aqfer’s strong growth trajectory in this new executive leadership role. The CSO role will help maintain Aqfer’s reputation as a category leader helping marketing service providers create enterprise value. In this new role, Marc  will continue working closely with CEO Dan Jaye on corporate and growth strategy to improve long-term scalability for Aqfer.

As the CSO, Marc will focus on expansion into new markets, corporate development initiatives, and continuing to grow the Aqfer brand. These areas play an important role in helping to position the company for the next stage of growth.

 As the architect of the go-to-market strategy and a leader who touches many of the day-to-day operations of the business, Marc brings passion and insights around the unique value Aqfer delivers to service providers across the MADtech industry (Marketing, Advertising, and Data technology companies).  This experience, and his success at Aqfer over the last five years, position him well to lead corporate strategy and help chart the company forward during these exciting times.

Marc Sabatini, Aqfer Chief Strategy Officer

Aqfer CEO and Co-founder Dan Jaye said this about Marc’s transition to the CSO role:

“We are thrilled to have Marc Sabatini step up to the CSO role. We are where we are today in large part because of his leadership. Now, in this new role, his vision and strategic oversight will help Aqfer scale to new levels in 2023 and beyond.”

It’s safe to say, Dan speaks for the entire organization when delivering this enthusiastic endorsement. Over the past 5 years, Marc has led teams, worked down in the trenches growing the business, and inspired those around him. He has helped Aqfer achieve the success we have observed to date, and we are excited to see where his leadership takes us next!

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