Aqfer, a leading provider of big data marketing solutions, today announced that its suite of solutions is now available in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that makes it easy to find, test, buy and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS).

“Launching in AWS Marketplace is an important next step in growing the adoption of Aqfer’s suite of cost-effective, future-ready marketing data solutions,” said Marc Sabatini, Chief Revenue Officer at Aqfer. “This move demonstrates our commitment to a seamless path to license and utilize our technology. Availability in AWS Marketplace is emblematic of Aqfer’s continued growth and success, and we’re thrilled to make Aqfer’s full suite of solutions available to AWS customers to help them address today’s marketing technology challenges.”

Aqfer’s solutions now available to AWS customers include its scalable, repeatable, and customizable, cloud-based marketing data platform designed to ingest, collate, resolve, analyze, and leverage billions of marketing-related first, second, and third-party data records, and its privacy-compliant, edge-deployed, real-time first-party universal tag. These solutions are designed to simplify, support, and enhance: 

  • marketing data management
  • real-time data access and activation 
  • cross-device identity resolution
  • multi-touch attribution
  • audience retargeting 
  • content personalization

Aqfer’s solutions help users improve identity match rates, create a unified view of the consumer, reach and engage a wider audience, and cost-effectively manage large volumes of marketing-related data.

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog where customers can find, buy, deploy and manage third-party software, data and services. It includes thousands of software listings and simplifies software licensing and procurement with flexible pricing options and numerous deployment methods.

Check out Aqfer Universal Tag and Aqfer Marketing Data Platform on AWS Marketplace today or contact Aqfer to learn more.