Aqfer, the Marketing Data Platform-as-a-Service (MDPaaS), has been recognized as an official Customer 360 Partner Solution by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Aqfer’s Marketing Data Platform and Universal Tag Platform have been available in AWS Marketplace since May 2022, and Aqfer’s solutions have been built on AWS since the company started in 2018.

Aqfer is one of sixteen companies recognized as Customer 360 Partner Solutions by AWS, joining the likes of LiveRamp, Salesforce, and Treasure Data, just to name a few. Customer 360 Partner Solutions are highlighted by AWS for their ability to help enterprises and marketers accelerate the deployment of a centralized customer data platform to facilitate the creation of a 360-degree, unified view of the customer.

“We are honored to be selected as a Customer 360 Partner Solution by AWS,” said Marc Sabatini, Chief Strategy Officer at Aqfer. “Aqfer’s solutions, which intrinsically utilize several AWS services, help our clients and their customers overcome today’s pressing big data management and identity resolution challenges, and we appreciate this recognition for the major benefits we continue to offer AWS customers.”

A unified view of the customer is critical for improving audience knowledge, increasing personalization in real-time, and optimizing campaign resources and spending. With today’s marketers and enterprises using so many different (and disparate) data sources and channels, achieving a unified customer view can be extremely challenging for marketers and enterprises.

Aqfer was built to solve that challenge by seamlessly integrating all customer data sources and channels into a single marketing lakehouse. Rather than shipping copies of the data to each application marketers and advertisers are using, Aqfer focuses instead on ‘bringing applications to the data.’

This approach not only helps marketers and advertisers take back their data, but it also streamlines the organization of third-party sources and the connections they depend on across their ecosystem. Ultimately, this provides marketers and advertisers with an enterprise identity graph and persistent identities that they own and manage across all of their marketing and advertising solutions.

Build Smarter with Aqfer

Aqfer’s low-code solutions help marketing solution providers bring new products to market more quickly, safely, and affordably. Via partnerships and integrations with companies like AWS, Aqfer customers get access to more robust data collection, management and activation capabilities.
To learn more about Aqfer’s innovative data management and identity solutions and how they can help you achieve a unified view of the customer, visit

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