Aqfer Welcomes Four New Advisory Board Members

Aqfer is thrilled to announce a new Board of Advisors which includes four new members. The Board of Advisors plays a pivotal role in supporting Aqfer’s growth and scalability with its collective industry expertise. Given our recent series A funding round, building a strong and well-connected advisory team has never been more important.  This group acts as an important conduit between Aqfer and the market, sharing insights and feedback on important concepts like product market fit and market signals. We are excited to welcome these four new members as we continue to build Aqfer’s bright future.

Meet the New Members of Aqfer’s Advisory Board

Bill Harding, Chief Revenue Officer, AdaptMX

“Today’s data challenges for digital marketers are a constant moving target. Aqfer offers a cost effective data management solution to organize, manage and optimize all the data points around existing and potential customers/users/audiences.

Aqfer simplifies and streamlines your entire data management process across your 1st party and all 3rd party user datasets. The Aqfer solution is unique in the marketplace and a critical toolset for any digital marketer.”

Bill’s career has focused on creating and building startup and early-stage technology businesses in the Enterprise, Adtech, and Martech Verticals. He has served in a variety of senior management positions with a primary focus on revenue growth, strategy, and management.

With extensive experience in Fundraising, Team Building, Finance, HR, Corporate Development, and Customer Service Operations, past positions include President, CEO, CRO, VP Sales, and VP Business Development. Bill has been on the management teams of multiple successful fundings and exits.

Michael Harrison, Managing Partner, Winterberry Group

In today’s data-driven business landscape, the volume and complexity of data are growing at an unprecedented rate, presenting significant challenges to processing and deriving value from it.  The exponential growth of data has created barriers for organizations to effectively utilize their data assets to drive business growth and innovation.  Existing data architecture solutions are struggling to keep up with the pace of change, as they are unable to activate data in real-time across the internet, at scale.  As a result, companies are searching for new and innovative ways to unlock the full potential of their data assets and gain a competitive advantage in the market.  Aqfer provides a robust and flexible data architecture solution that can handle the rapidly increasing volume and complexity of data.

With over 20 years of experience, Michael leads Winterberry Group’s marketer consulting practice. He brings strategic and executive competencies in all aspects of marketing strategy, customer experience, digital transformation, data and technology enablement, statistical modeling, ML, and quantitative analysis. 

Prior to joining Winterberry Group, Michael was a partner at Ansira. He served as Chief Strategy and Analytics Officer, leading the strategic direction of the firm and clients. He was responsible for strategic planning, analytics, technology development (data and digital), programmatic, and social media.

Before Ansira, Michael worked at Doner Advertising and Havas building data, analytics and digital competencies focused on global brands in retail, automotive, and consumer packaged goods.

Michael holds a B.A. and M.A. in economics. He is on the Board of Advisors to the University of Texas Dallas masters in the marketing program and was previously the Big Data & Intelligence Chair for Southern Methodist University’s Digital Accelerator program.  Michael sits on numerous corporate boards across data, technology, and marketing services.

MK Marsden, Managing Partner, Touchpoint Strategies and Revscale

What Aqfer delivers that is unique and valuable is a solution to a critical issue in today’s business.  Most companies are inundated with data and don’t have a way to effectively manage it and derive the insights they need to grow their business and serve their customers.  Aqfer provides a ‘total solution’ by delivering the industry’s most advanced platform to key agencies and consulting companies.  This combines powerful technology with expert services which means Brands are better served and see a faster ROI.”

MK Marsden works with leadership teams and boards of directors of leading brands around the world to connect their critical business strategy to their customer experience to accelerate their corporate performance. Touchpoint Strategies uses the Revscale AI platform to enable clients to identify their highest value customers and set the trajectory for exponential growth. 

A computer scientist and successful entrepreneur Marsden uses the most advanced technologies and data to drive unprecedented business performance for her clients. Marsden is a seasoned executive and Board Member, adept at collaborating and leading people across industries, cultures, and job functions to the company culture necessary for digital transformation. She has created and/or led 8 different companies in 5 different countries at the leading edge of technology always to enhance performance. 

MK has set up several University Scholarships for Female Athletes that want to study STEM, is an investor in early-stage companies and active in the Blockchain, cryptocurrency and AI market.

Gayle Meyers, Principal at Growthing

In today’s fast-moving environment, Aqfer offers a critical service that helps companies keep up with the pace of change. Many existing data architecture solutions lack the infrastructure and expertise to activate large data sets in real-time.  Aqfer offers a lower-risk, lower-cost way to bring new technology to market. In short, you buy Aqfer to build your business faster, more affordably, more predictably, and with less risk.”

Gayle Meyers is a management consultant, investor, board member, and operating partner in advertising, marketing, data, services, technology, and commerce with over two decades of executive leadership experience. Gayle’s expertise spans multiple disciplines, transforming marketing and product roadmaps, messaging, revenue acceleration, and partnership development, clarifying corporate vision, future point of view and strategic growth opportunities in technology-enabled data-driven platforms and services. 

Gayle launched, a boutique management consulting firm focused on value creation for organizations, executive leaders, and investors. Gayle is frequently tapped for high-profile executive advisory services to guide marketing technology, commerce, data, and service companies on ways to enhance their in-market presence.

Gayle currently sits on the Board of Directors of two Mountaingate Capital portfolio companies and is a frequent keynote speaker at industry conferences. She has presented for companies such as Google, Verizon, Omnicom, LiveRamp, Linkedin, Twitter, and Oracle, among others.

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