Bridge Customer Data to UID 2.0 with Aqfer
UID 2.0 integration

Aqfer is proud to announce an integration with Unified ID 2.0.  UID 2.0 is an open-source identity solution that leverages encrypted email and phone number data to leverage the unified 2.0 privacy framework to target customers programmatically.

With this integration, Aqfer clients will enjoy enhanced identity graphs, enriched by UID 2.0. Advertisers will expand their audience reach via UID2-enabled bid inventory.

UID 2.0 + Aqfer

UID 2.0 works by obfuscating phone and email data with a universal ID. Supported PII includes email, hashed email, phone or phone hash for programmatic bids. It adds another layer of privacy to publisher or advertiser PII when transmitting them to DSPs or SSPs. 

Aqer’s connector will send supported identifiers to the UID 2.0 operator and retrieve UID 2.0 information. This data is securely synced to Aqfer identity graphs. Ultimately this integration enables advertisers to target customers on programmatic advertising platforms without risking any privacy issues.

“Aqfer now enables brand clients to bridge their customer data to UID2.0 IDs, allowing them to easily execute programmatic buys targeting their customers.”

Sandro Camarão

VP of Partner & CX Engineering, Aqfer

Key Benefits for Advertisers


  • Use a privacy-conscious form of CRM data in media-buying platforms.
  • Simplify identity resolution at the household and individual level.
  • Manage frequency and suppress audiences across channels and devices.
  • Support identity use cases on Connected TV and on mobile apps where cookies don’t exist.
  • Target and measure campaigns more holistically.
  • Offer opt-out, with the goal of improving consumer privacy controls.

About Aqfer

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 About Unified ID

Unified ID is an open-source identity solution built for the open internet. Unified ID 2.0 leverages encrypted email and phone number data to provide a privacy-conscious, secure, and accurate identity standard for the entire digital advertising ecosystem. Learn more at