Monitor, Control, Optimize & Scale

An advanced infrastructure designed to bring all relevant marketing data back in house

For CTOs

  • Stand up a fully operational data environment in only days and weeks, and go as big you need
  • High-performance, low-latency service designed for global deployment and throughput
  • No need to invest in resources that don’t provide enterprise value

For CMOs & CDOs

  • Access data you could never reach before, and deploy new tools to measure third-party performance
  • Develop specific customer data on attributes and relationships throughout the entire funnel and customer journey
  • Refine content across each channel based on new data to improve customer experience

For Channel Partners

  • Endlessly scalable and repeatable to maximize efficiency and reduce cost
  • Fast and easy to implement in days and weeks instead of months
  • Build once, repeat often
  • Generate clean, clear insights using our 1st party tracking tag

aqfer Marketing Data Platforms are flexible, scaleable, and configurable, lending themselves to a variety of use cases.


aqfer has a Data Environment solution for Advertising Analytics that eliminates 90% of the effort in data acquisition and wrangling that data into a solution for audience-centric analysis.

Monetize your data through analytics: Media planning, optimization, attribution, verification, latent demand, etc.


aqfer has a Data Environment for brands allowing them to aggregate and unify any / all advertising data around a 1st party identity graph, giving them a unilateral view and indexing capability around their audiences and their spend.

Using the Aqfer platform brands can achieve long sought after goals of day-parting, frequency capping and optimizing targeting of core audience across media.


aqfer Data Lake and aqfer IO deliver decisions, not data to Dynamic Creative Optimization platforms in less than 10ms, empowering DCOs with the information and precious time) they need to deliver customized, relevant and engaging messages in real-time.

Realize the full potential of 1:1 messaging. Say Something Interesting…


Our SI-ready Marketing Data Platform provides turnkey first party tag and identity management, active data collection, and an agile big data marketing platform in a box. Imagine a client kickoff on Monday and live data capture, refinement, collation and exploration of your clients’ advertising and performance data by Friday!

Scalable, reusable, customizable, white-labeled enterprise data management platforms, ready for resale.

Ready to Take Back Your Data?


aqfer: the Marketing Data Platform (MDP)

Empower your business with the enterprise-level data-centric marketing architecture