Designed for Marketing Solutions Providers

Aqfer’s marketing data platform as a service is solution-driven: built so that marketing solution providers can accelerate delivering value to their diverse and complicated marketing customers. Each solution is flexible and powerful and has been engineered to be customizable for any marketer’s use case, requirement, or restriction.

The future of identity is a world in which the IDs are owned by the brands themselves. Aqfer’s Identity Resolution solution enables the creation of private, first-party identity graphs, letting companies build with their own data, rather than forced reliance on 3rd party data sources. As a result, marketers can create their own unique ID that becomes truly persistent – a capability that’s unique to Aqfer.


Extend your identity-matching capabilities and bring the data it collects (exposure, click, site activity, impression, and more) back home to your identity graph.


Create a unique identity spine for each client, enriched by second and third-party data for improved outcomes.


Enable real-time decisioning at scale, up to 100,000 times per minute, to deliver the right creative to the right customer at the right time in the right channel. Just like magic!


Brands are looking for more meaningful ways to interact with consumers.  To ensure the best user experience possible, advertisers are leveraging first-party data to put appropriate messaging in front of the appropriate consumer. Secure data sharing is facilitated by Aqfer’s deployment of a “clean room” -  a dedicated, secure, protected environment to enable sharing and computation between multiple parties.


Aqfer’s SDS solution is a white-labeled offering that enables faster time to market: we manage it, maintain it, operate it and make it repeatable and scalable.


Your brand customers remain in complete control of their data because only brands and/or their channel partners can determine where the data clean room environment is hosted.


Because your member organizations can only view their own critical data, privacy compliance is assured with every step of the data journey.


Because identity will be marketer-owned and managed, brands will establish and maintain their own first-party identity. To get there, marketing solution providers must develop or license a first-party tag solution. Our universal tag solution extends identity-matching capabilities and brings the data it collects (click, site activity, impression, and more) directly back home to the brand’s data endpoint (VPC) – all in near real-time.


Our universal tag is designed for white label use and is usable in both owned and paid media, and works well with almost any existing tag configuration.


We offer the lowest latency, lowest page weight tag available in the market today, so you can get it included by more publishers, potentially even in some of the walled gardens based on our experience with other advertisers.


In a world where your ability to capture data is rapidly decreasing, we're providing you with a durable, trusted, and long-term solution -- because we do it in a first-party, regulatory, browser, and privacy-compliant way.


Analytics help you understand your customers’ experience, and attribution informs your marketing mix. For brands with multiple digital and offline marketing channels as well as cross-device campaigns and purchase paths, it’s not about choosing one capability over the other; it’s about both working together. Aqfer has built solutions for analytics and attribution that work with enormous data sets, at speed.


We make analytics processes very efficient and with a very low cost of consumption. Typically, only 15% of data in data lakes ends up being valuable. Instead, Aqfer makes all your data accessible.


We have proprietary acceleration technology for queries that are still open and fully compatible with the universe of analytics tools. We have an engine designed for the new web topology that's 10 to 20 times faster than conventional approaches.


Run queries 10x faster, at one-tenth of the cost, in a system optimized to run over a hundred thousand times a month. Most queries are processed in less than 45 seconds, even against data sets will trillions of cells of data.


Key Benefits

Product Expansion and Enhancements

Add new capabilities with accelerated time to market, improve your competitive position and retire tech debt while reducing the strain on your team.

Configure, Repeat, and Scale

Platform flexibility allows service providers to avoid creating custom solutions for each client and the headaches associated with managing disparate versions.

Predictable Infrastructure

Build without the unknowns associated with ballooning cloud costs while freeing scarce engineering resources to pursue other ventures that drive business value.

Ready for Tomorrow, Today

Gain peace of mind knowing you’re already prepared for changes to the landscapes of omnichannel technology, regulatory environments, and consent management.

The Aqfer Difference

Uniquely Designed

For Marketing

Solutions Providers

A key pillar of Aqfer’s go-to-market strategy is that we will not sell directly to brands. We firmly believe that our channel partners are in the best position to impact brands and help us deliver our vision. We believe in a future where brands can bring apps to their data while maintaining control in their own virtual private clouds and being respectful to the privacy considerations from consumers worldwide.

“The opportunity for performance and cost-saving meant our team can better and more effectively use the platform, so in that sense they support the core adoption of our platform. Aqfer solved a problem we wanted to solve but not one we were expecting to outsource.”

Adam Gitlin

President, Annalect