Had Enough of Data Friction? 

For all the current talk about data friction, you’d think the concept would be a complex one. It’s not. Data friction is simply the difficulty, lag time, or inefficiency that stems from not having the unified data a program, team, marketing campaign, or person needs at its fingertips at any specified time. 

Data stored in multiple places, some of which you don’t have access to? That’s data friction. Data feeds failing during update? That’s data friction. Having to waste valuable time duplicating data to the database of one—usually among many—single analytics solution? That’s data friction. Delays caused by the transference of data between myriad marketing providers, systems of record, CDPs, etc.? That’s data friction. And these are but a few examples. 

Make no mistake: data friction is real and it’s costing Marketing Solution Providers both money and customers by negatively affecting their efficiency and reach. 

It’s My Data and I Want it Now

When a company’s data is dispersed across different programs, permissions and solutions it’s not instantaneously actionable and, therefore, becomes less valuable. For all the time, energy, and resources a company devotes to accruing data, shouldn’t that data at least be able to maintain its full potential value until the exact moment it’s needed? 

Scattered Solutions = Data Friction

At present, most Marketing Solutions Providers (MSPs)rely on a veritable mish-mash of data mediums, solutions, and formulations just to provide their clients with the services they seek. This creates an excess of moving parts, overlap, and redundancy that lends itself to the high latency that is, itself, data friction. Overburdened with the complexity that stems from a reliance on various solutions, modern MSPs can be likened to a waiter who must also act as head chef, spending time, money, and energy orchestrating a kitchen staff just to ensure there are meals to serve. 

But what if that entire kitchen staff could be consolidated into one virtuosic, finely-tuned machine of culinary production? Meaning, what if the waiter only had to serve the meal that this machine made? 

Or, where MSPs are concerned, what if one unified solution could collect and identify first-party data collected across paid and owned media; gather, ingest & collate Marketing Big Data across sources; and then, finally, optimize, analyze & distribute it all? 

This is Aqfer’s Marketing Data Platform—an all-in-one solution designed to free up and optimize Marketing Solutions Providers by vastly reducing data friction and all of its associated costs.  

If you’re an MSP looking to answer the privacy challenges of the modern age, harmonize data with unprecedented efficiency and finally, finally, finally (!) put all this rabble about data friction to rest then rest assured: a comprehensive solution is finally here.  

Bon appetit. 

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