Attribution Modeling

Attribution models allocate credit to each marketing touchpoint based on its actual contribution to conversion, providing a fairer representation of their impact. By accurately attributing value to touchpoints, solution providers can invest in higher-impact channels.
Why Choose Aqfer for Attribution Modeling?
Build solutions that can help brands and marketers make better use of their data to drive insights and inform marketing mix decisions. Attribution modeling aims to surface unused data and make it actionable to understand marketing effectiveness and optimize spending across channels. Attribution modeling enables marketers to leverage large amounts of data to understand customer experience and make data-driven decisions about their marketing strategies.

How We Can Help

Aqfer provides a white-label-ready attribution solution designed specifically for marketing service providers, agencies and platforms. Aqfer's attribution solution is engineered to handle large volumes of disparate data at high speeds. It allows providers to process large amounts of data quickly to deliver actionable insights to marketers for smarter decision making. The solution is nimble, flexible and fast to implement, helping providers customize and scale attribution modeling for diverse customers and use cases.

Key Benefits


Accurately allocate credit


Optimize your marketing mix


Improve campaign effectiveness

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