First-Party Data Capture

First-party data is mission-critical for companies operating in a cookieless world. Aqfer helps MSPs collect more, better first-party data so you can bring more robust first-party data products to market.
Why Choose Aqfer for First-Party Data Capture?
The future of marketing data is first-party, and future-ready MSPs have been honing their first-party data capture skills for years. MSPs want to connect their brand clients to marketing data in real time, and batch the collection of that data for more efficient activation. The benefits of enhanced first-party capture extend far beyond the process of data collection. When capture mechanisms are optimized, brand clients can finally activate and make use of all of their data, not just some of it.

How We Can Help

Aqfer helps MSPs get more from first-party data. Our sophisticated Marketing Data Cloud runs jobs to enrich the client's source first-party data with events, attributes, and identifiers based on the data providers' asset. Aqfer then returns that data to the client's private ID graph and data store. By improving data collection and matching capabilities, MSPs help brands better understand their customers, enabling them to deepen relationships and develop better data-powered marketing and analytics.

Key Benefits


Improve durability


Restore signal loss


Make privacy-respecting data decisions

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