Aqfer, the world’s first and only Marketing Data Platform-as-a-Service (MDPaaS), has released a new API connector that provides integration to Google Ad Manager’s reporting service.

Google Ad Manager is a popular and widely-utilized ad server catering to publishers. The reporting service within Google Ad Manager allows its users to create and schedule customized analytics reports detailing the performance of their various native, custom, and video Google Ads campaigns.

Aqfer MDPaaS is designed to support marketing and advertising campaign analytics and attribution efforts, and adding this integration to Google Ad Manager furthers the Aqfer mission of helping our client better collect, manage, and activate their data.

Highlights of the Google Ad Manager Integration

With Aqfer’s new integration with Google Ad Manager, Aqfer clients utilizing Google Ad Manager can now create, schedule, run, and download custom report queries (and also run pre-existing queries) from within Aqfer MDPaaS. This includes the abilities to:

  • Name queries
  • Pre-define query date ranges
  • Define the frequency of query runs
  • Define filter statements
  • Define dimensions and dimension attributes
  • Define metrics
  • Define report options
  • Define data schema mapping

As part of this new integration, results from Google Ad Manager queries run by Aqfer clients are automatically mapped back to the standard Aqfer data schema within Aqfer MDPaaS.

Thanks to this integration, Aqfer clients will now have a single location where they can run and access all of their Google Ad Manager reporting queries. This allows the campaign performance data to be harmonized with data sets from other ad management and delivery platforms (such as Boostr), making it significantly easier to unify data for all-encompassing insights and intelligence.

Build Smarter with Aqfer

Aqfer’s low code solutions help marketing solution providers bring new products to market more quickly, safely, and affordably. Via partnerships and integrations with companies like Google, Aqfer customers get access to more robust data collection, management and activation capabilities. Click here to explore all partners and integrations available when you build together with Aqfer.

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