New partnership gives Aqfer’s clients and their customers access to Quadrant’s wealth of privacy-compliant movement and POI data. 


Aqfer, a leading provider of big data marketing solutions, has announced a new partnership with Quadrant, a global leader in raw mobile location data, point-of-interest (POI) data, and corresponding compliance services.

The partnership provides Aqfer clients and their customers access to Quadrant’s raw location data feed, where they can access all of Quadrant’s anonymized and privacy-compliant movement data. Quadrant also offers manually verified and customized POI datasets on demand, along with an off-the-shelf POI data feed. This wealth of data will help Aqfer’s clients and their customers augment their existing first-party identity graphs with additional audience identifiers, allowing them to perform hyper-targeted, location-based marketing and advertising initiatives.

“Quadrant has become one of the industry leaders in the collection and distribution of privacy-compliant location data, and we’re excited to make this wealth of valuable data available to our clients and their customers,” said Sandro Camarao, VP Partnerships at Aqfer. “With the raw location data feed available to them, our clients and their customers can leverage Quadrant’s mobility data across many use cases including movement based audience segmentation that can be utilized for measurement, attribution, insights and activation.”

Quadrant sources the data directly from first-party, opt-in mobile devices through a server-to-server integration with app publisher partners, delivering genuine and reliable raw GPS data. It gathers its data from more than 650 million devices located in over 200 countries, capturing an average of more than 15 billion unique events per day. All of Quadrant’s data is collected via an opt-in only model and verified by Quadrant’s Consent Management Platform to ensure compliance with consent and data privacy regulations. Data feeds can also be tailored to address specific business requirements by filtering, segmenting, and customizing data based on specific criteria (such as geography, time period, etc.) and use cases, and can be sent as frequently as every five minutes. 

“Aqfer’s solutions are helping to significantly advance and enhance how marketers and advertisers use their first-party data to engage modern consumers, which aligns perfectly with Quadrant’s core uses for our first-party location and movement data,” said Tim Solt, VP Global Sales & Business Development at Quadrant. “Research shows that today’s consumers expect personalized content from marketers and advertisers and that they engage with such content at significantly higher rates. With Quadrant’s location and movement data at their disposal, Aqfer’s clients and their customers will be able to analyze consumer movements to better understand and ultimately improve the effectiveness of their out-of-home marketing and advertising campaigns. Further, they’ll also be able to engage consumers with content and offers based on the areas and POIs they frequent most. It doesn’t get more personalized than that.”

With Quadrant’s location, movement, and POI data available to them, Aqfer’s clients and their customers can now:

  • Augment their existing customer data with detailed location data for further understanding of consumer behavior and attributes
  • Retarget consumers based on recent location visits and travel patterns
  • Analyze consumer movements to identify POIs and frequently trafficked locations for placements of out-of-home advertisements
  • Improve consumer engagement and clicks as a result of more personalized content