While Google continues to delay its cookie deprecation timeline, cookie partitioning offers a future-ready path forward. Partitioned cookies, or what Google refers to as CHIPS for “Cookies Having Independent Partitioned State”, remove the ability for cross-site tracking with third-party cookies to be read by the Chrome browser. Google and its partners are continuing their ongoing testing to mitigate privacy concerns while retaining the fundamental functionality of cookies within individual websites. With this latest enhancement, Aqfer clients can also begin testing partitioned cookies and be set up for success despite future browser changes.

Why It Matters

Changes are coming. Of that, we can be certain. Though timelines have shifted to handle the nuances and various competing concerns; third-party cookies as they have been used for the last three decades are on their way out.

As the old saying goes, “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” Testing needs to start happening ASAP to give all parties the most amount of time to iterate, learn, and prepare for the eventual changes. Aqfer is doing our part to enable clients to be ready for these changes, and others, regardless of their timeline.

How It Works

With a simple setting configuration in the Aqfer portal, clients can set both traditional and partitioned cookies on each record. While it’s easy for clients to capture that data, the real value is being able to stitch together these events across paid and owned media environments.

At Aqfer, we offer two approaches for clients. The first is to help them collect the data they need to process in their own identity graph, or we can do the stitching together and identity resolution on their behalf. Either way, with these new solutions for partitioned cookies, Aqfer can help clients regain confidence in your measurement and attribution models, ensuring they remain future-ready regardless of what Chrome, Firefox, or Safari may do in the future.

Dig Deeper

Our team has created a number of resources to help clients navigate the future of advertising without third-party cookies. We encourage you to download our “CHIPS Ahoy!” whitepaper for an advanced view of Google’s cookie deprecation plans, and how that will impact the digital advertising landscape. To learn more about how Aqfer clients can configure their settings to allow partitioned cookies along with results from our early testing, review our Guide to Partitioned Cookies. Of course, you can always contact your representative for more information about your specific situation.

About Aqfer

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