Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO), a leading out-of-home (OOH) media company, has chosen Aqfer to enhance secure first-party data for out-of-home activation. These capabilities are facilitated by Data Clean Rooms (DCR). Thanks to Aqfer and its products, CCO can securely leverage a brand’s first-party data for OOH campaign planning, measurement, and optimization.

Developing Data Clean Room Technology for Clear Channel Outdoor

As advertisers seek to adhere to privacy demands, Data Clean Rooms have gained in popularity over the last few years. DCRs allow marketing service providers to collaborate with partners in  a secure environment.

By adding Aqfer capabilities to its RADAR platform, CCO has developed a truly interoperable DCR framework. Brands and their agency partners can now collaborate with CCO on audience targeting and campaign amplification.  CCO’s DCR framework provides improved audience behavior analysis, regardless of where the underlying data is stored. This means brands will not have to be locked into a singular provider’s ecosystem to enjoy the benefits of RADAR. It also means they can deliver a secure way for brands to unlock insights from sensitive data without sacrificing security, privacy, or performance. 

“Fostering interopable secure data collaboration among brands, media companies, and their service providers while protecting consumer privacy is in Aqfer’s DNA,” says Marc Sabatini, Chief Strategy Officer at Aqfer. “Facilitating DCRs is a natural evolution of our technology that Clear Channel Outdoor utilizes in the partnership with Aqfer for their RADAR suite of solutions.”

About Clear Channel Outdoor

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCO) is at the forefront of driving innovation in the out-of-home advertising industry. Its dynamic advertising platform is broadening the pool of advertisers using our medium through the expansion of digital billboards and displays and the integration of data analytics and programmatic capabilities that deliver measurable campaigns that are simpler to buy. By leveraging the scale, reach and flexibility of their diverse portfolio of assets, CCO connects advertisers with millions of consumers every month across more than 500,000 print and digital displays in 21 countries.

“More and more data-driven brands and advertisers are recognizing the power of OOH to deliver their message to the right audience segments with measurable impact and at scale.  Aqfer is helping us accelerate the adoption of OOH in the media mix by powering an interoperable DCR solution without compromising privacy, security, or the hassles of data transfers among multiple cloud providers.”

Jeremy Flynn

SVP, Data Products & Strategy, Clear Channel Outdoor