Aqfer is a
Marketing Data Platform-as-a-Service

Solve the most critical modern marketing challenges with the most advanced first-party marketing data platform.

To be future-ready and to solve big data marketing challenges, first-party data is critical to success. That’s why our architecture is specifically designed for marketing solution providers to own their data and maintain control inside their own cloud environment. We help handle marketing data volume, complexity and decision-making smarter and more effectively. 

Aqfer has created a true first-party marketing data cloud platform that works within just about any existing technology stack. We provide our clients with flexible, unique solutions to collect, manage, and distribute marketing data. As a result, we empower marketing solution providers and their customers to bring applications to the data, speeding decision making and activation in a privacy-first world.

Aqfer Marketing Data Platform-as-a-Service

aqfer Universal Tag (aUT)

Universal true first-party tag for use on both owned and paid media

aqfer Marketing Data Platform (aMDP)

Detail data repository for collating, storing, and refactoring advertising and marketing big data

aqfer.IO Real-Time option (aIO)

High availability API for < 10ms access to data from applications globally

aqfer Graph Manager option (aGM)

Maintains identity relationships: (e.g., devices, cookies, people, households, network addresses, etc.)

Key Benefits to Working with Aqfer

Enterprise Focused

Focus your team on creating enterprise value with your own unique IP. Aqfer has solved the critical and most complex marketing data challenges

Fast Delivery

Efficiently modernize your data infrastructure and expedite the delivery of future-ready offerings to your marketing customers.


Keep up with the exponential growth in marketing data and use all of your data effectively, and for the long term.


Orient your efforts entirely around your own first party data, and reduce dependence on third-party data providers.

The Aqfer Impact


improvement in identity match rates


reduction in cloud costs


reduction in per-query analysis costs


productivity improvement through reallocation of engineering resources

Some Primary Use Cases We Support

First-Party Tag

Generated by the host domain using HTTP that avoids CNAME cloaking

Cloud & Solution Delivery
Cost Reduction

Enable faster time-to-market solutions for your product teams while generating substantial cloud compute savings

Real-Time API at Point of Consumer Engagement

Deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time

Real-Time Cross-Device & Cross-Party Identity Resolution

Enable faster time-to-market solutions for your product teams while generating substantial cloud compute savings

First-Party Identity Graph

Organize digital and offline 1P data with 3P insights across touch points, devices, and channels

CDP Engine & Toolkit

Recognized by Gartner as platform to enhance capabilities not delivered in traditional CDPs

Aqfer Integrations